Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blind Fury

Haven't posted any murderous medical mayhem in quite some time, so here's an incredibly oddball entry that feels as drunkenly written and illustrated as the main character (seriously, how hard is it to get the borders of the pages straight??!!) From the same issue as our last screwball story post, the Oct '52 issue of Mysterious Adventures #10, with artwork signed by someone named Doyle Cohen.


Brian Barnes said...

If I did the art on this, I don't think I'd sign it with such a big signature! Yikes!

I have to say I'll give the story a bit of points for one thing -- our drunk doctor at least feels guilty about what he did. Normally they'd all be crackling on about how they pulled one over on everybody!

Victor coming out of the grave had to be one of the worst zombie rising panels ever. Why is he now behind the stone? Why isn't he dirty? Why is he walking like a Scooby Doo bad guy? Where that scalpel? So many questions!

(BTW, snark aside, I do have to say that these entertain the living dead out of me. They are so pulpy, rushed, cheap, and lurid. Keep them coming! Never take the ribbing I give some of these as anything else but love for them!)

Mr. Karswell said...

Well, you've been coming to this blog for almost a decade now, I assumed you liked something about it! ;)

Glowworm said...

Heh--this one is almost as silly as the goat one from this issue.
The thing that strikes me the most is that Luthor didn't actually murder Conway out of pure jealousy over his hot wife, it was simply because somebody SHOULD NOT have been drinking during work hours.

See folks, don't drink and drive, especially if you were drinking earlier on the job and wound up accidentally blinding one of your patients. You may be operated on by his zombie ghost later on!

JMR777 said...

I Knew I saw a story like this before, and here it was in THOIA's dusty cellar of archives-

April 20, 2010
An Eye for an Eye

Similar plot lines- botched surgery, patient ends up sightless, bumbling drunken doctor pays the price. Swiping ideas was par the course back then i guess.

JMR777 said...

No other posts? Are the rest of the THOIA followers on summer vacation or something?

Grant said...

As Brian Barnes and glowworm2 point out, it's kind of original for the story not to make Luther foul up the operation deliberately, and to make him feel at least some amount of guilt, however flimsy it is.
It reminds me of those three-page Atlas-Marvel stories with the twist endings, only longer and with more "fleshed-out" characters.

alanray said...

Wait a minute... why was Conway's face a skull the day of his funeral? Lots more to discuss, but that one really jumped out at me...