Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trick or Treat from HAUNTED HORROR!

The super scary Halloween issue of HAUNTED HORROR #19 is in stores now --all stories were specially hand picked by me--errr--- Mr. Karswell himself fyi-- and it's ready to fill your month of All Hallow's cheer with page after page of frighteningly fun fear! For example, take this gruesome gem that originally appeared in the May 1954 issue of Weird Mysteries #10.

Don't forget to summon up your own copy of HH19 NOW!!!


Anonymous said...

Huh-- appears to be yet another uncredited adaptation of Robert Bloch's "The Cloak".

Grant said...

It's easy to bring this up a little too often, but I wonder what Frederick Wertham and others thought of the "Pin the tail on the donkey" bit, especially with the way the man is dressed and everything else.

Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah man, that splash page is totally brutal. I would love to see a story that takes place at that creepy party. I guess the soiree coming in the sequel to this story might turn out like that, assuming the vampire host is the one who survives the monster mash.

This was some pretty mercurial art, but I really love the three panel progression at the bottom of page two.

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Mercurial art, yes. That is to say, "awful" art.
Anyway, wearing those costumes is a great way to drop off your constraints and show your true colors.
Very therapeutic.
Where is that shop?

"The monster mash"... was played in "The Monster Club"... funny flick.

Brian Barnes said...

Page 1, Panel 3, is probably the mostly wildly silly female figure I've seen anywhere on this site! The funny thing is, the art (by a guy named Hughes as the GCD says) would be good if you handed him off the right story. His witch at the beginning isn't half bad.

Couple interesting things: Witch, Skull, Pumpkin. Halloween III, anyone?

And the pin the tail on the low-rent Tarzan? Hell, that probably happens in certain clubs already, but the Tarzan probably has to pay for it!