Thursday, October 15, 2015

Haunted Horror... Love?!

It's seems that the Haunted Horror Vol. 3 hardback "Pre-Code Comics So Good, They're Scary" (collecting issues 7-9) has jumped the gun and found it's way into a few stores already despite the November 5th release date ???!!! I haven't seen any anywhere yet, but reports are coming in. Either way, it's great news so grab your copy today, or order online by clicking HERE! Also good news for those of you looking to find a happily traumatic middle ground between Haunted Horror and IDW / Yoe Books companion series, Weird Love, it's-- HAUNTED LOVE #1 coming February 2016 (yep, just in time for Valentines too, and no it's not Charlton reprints from the same named silver age series either!) I... errrr, I mean, Mr. Karswell, has scoured the deepest, darkest, most romantically F'd up depths of my/his passion pit collection to bring you tragic 50's pre-code love tales from beyond the gruesome grave. It's the first in a sexy 3-issue mini series too, so save your pennies you luscious lil lovebirds, you'll want every nauseating issue-- guaranteed!


Mr. Cavin said...

Damn, I haven't read any Weird Loves. I have to get on that. Good news on hardback number three! I think I know what I'm getting myself for my birthday!

Diablo666 said...

....I feel this is getting waaaaay too fuckin' poignant now! ....then again, you guyz know just what the hell yer doin', so I'll just hafta get a copy!