Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I've lost track, but for the _____ year in a row now, THE HORRORS OF IT ALL has once again been nominated in the BEST HORROR BLOG category. We never win, but we're always thrilled to see our name in such fine horror blogger company. If you feel the urge to throw us a vote, we'd very much appreciate it! Also nominated this year is HAUNTED HORROR for BEST HORROR COMIC! How do we stack up against the others in this category? If you love reading HH as much as we love putting it together for you, let your voice be heard loud and proud! And while Forelock, Madame Clizia, and Mr. Karswell's names aren't to be found among the other BEST HORROR HOST names in that category, if you feel like writing us in it would really make us smile!

Just click HERE to vote, all the instructions are at the RHCHA site! Thank you!

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