Thursday, January 1, 2015

Man Made Monster

We ended 2014 in the electric chair-- and dear god *choke!* we find ourselves strapped right back in here in 2015! Rudy Palais shows us just how eerily electrifying things can get-- from my utterly destroyed copy of the February 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #33.


Mestiere said...

"I--I can't seem to... uh... to pull the switch all the... uh... way!!"

Every story I read here shows me something I had not seen before, in this case the idea that if you pull a switch half way you deliver a partial charge, like it was water coming from a faucet. That's why if you pull a switch half way a light bulb only turns half on. No, it doesn't! That happens with a dimmer switch. It never even occurred to me that someone would ever think that.

Whose hand is preventing the executioner from pulling the switch "all the way"? Is it that unexplained ghost from page three? Is it the ghost of the murder victim? And why not prevent it completely so as to save an innocent man?

Why was Gimpy Wilson—the real killer— present during the execution of Bull Donahue? Was he the prison chaplain? Because that would be a pretty cool twist! And blurting out the truth after the execution was a terrific villain moment: "Ha,ha. I'm a murderer, but so are all of you!" It almost would have been enough for a compelling story.

Another entertaining tale.

Dr. Theda said...

A Happy New Year to you Mr. Karswell...

JMR777 said...

Confessing to the crime after the execution, did the killer think he wouldn't be prosecuted and executed himself? Did he think 'the court executed one person for the crime, they can't execute anyone else for it.' It was comic book logic, no clear explanation needed, just enjoy it, plot holes and all. A better end would have been if Bull Donahue had returned to life and grabbed the real killer in the room, electrocuted him by his touch, and have the real killer confess before he died. I was surprised that Palais didn't draw anyone sweating until the last page with the executioner sweating as he struggled to pull the switch. I would have thought Donahue would have sweated as he was led to or strapped into the chair.

Brian Barnes said...

The art on this, by Palais according to GCD, it's great. The story is a little wonky, but the artist went all out, sometimes above his own abilities.

There isn't a page without an interesting camera angle on it. Sometimes there's perspective problems, but those are easy to ignore because the artist seemed really interested in illustrating this story.

Middle panel on page 3 is a great example of this. Of course, the coloring, yikes!

Darci said...

This is a fascinating find. The title is shared with the 1941 Universal film, starring Lon Chaney Jr. (although the script had been purchased back in 1935 as a Boris Karloff/Bela Lugosi vehicle). The plot parallels the 1936 Karloff WB film "The Walking Dead" to an extent, but even more strongly resembles the 1956 Chaney Allied Artists film "Indestructible Man". I wonder if the screenwriters for the latter saw Black Cat Mystery #33?

Lanford Ripley said...

More Atlas, asshole.

Mike H said...

Wow, Lanford... if you're serious, then you are a humongous douchebag. Our man Karswell is one of the most important archivists online and his service is free.

So if you're serious (and I don't think you could POSSIBLY be), then shove a big stack of Atlas up your corroded ass. If you're not serious, then your sense of humor blows.

Art Fuentes said...

If you'd like to see more Atlas, start your own blog, cunt.


Shut it, Lanford.

Craftypants Carol said...

holy shit anyone that calls Karswell an asshole has to be a pretty sad dude.

i love both your blogs no matter what you post cause they are, after all, your fucking blogs. AND like Mike H said - fucking free. so fuck off Lanford.

Unknown said...

....I'd definitely hafta agree with all these good folks, that are telling LandFart to shut the fuck up, n' get the fuck outta here, as well...First off, Karswell's blog is FREE, n' GREAT!....So take yer Atlas comics, n' go jag off to 'em somewhere else....n' if we need ANY more SHIT outta YOU, Suckboy LandFart, we can always squeeze yer puss-filled Head sack....n' have a nice day, you DICK!

Diablo666 said... case ya wanna know, you turd, the last comment was by EAT me!

Drazen said...

Less Lanford more Karswell!

Karswell said...

Man, I should start a new blog about Lanford, this has been the most entertaining series of comments in years! I guess we know who the real asshole is.

Who's ready for more posts in 2015, aka The Year Without a Single Atlas Post? You ruined it for everyone, Lameford... except of course for the cherished THOIA commenters who will now start receiving 2 Atlas posts a week via their own private email inboxes. See how that works, Ripley?

Brian Barnes said...

Top 10 things Lanford could be doing with his time then being a serial troll commenter:

10. Eating tacks
9. Sorting his piss bottle collection by season
8. Learning hilarious new internet memes
7. Wait, is that "Never going to give you up" thing
still OK?
6. Troll comments on the grumpy cat blog
5. Anything. Anything else.
4. Figuring out where everything else in his life
went wrong
3. Really, anything else.
2. Getting outside, not counting VR
1. Finally saving up enough money to get his head
surgically removed from his ass

Mr. Cavin said...

Oh hell yeah! I've been waiting to see these two awesome Atlas stories and had almost given up hope of ever getting to. Now here they are, completely free, and in my inbox, making it so easy to add them both to my personal collection. And there will be even more next week? Thanks Karswell! I don't know how you did it, but this subscription service is even better than blog alone. How can I send invites to my friends?

2015 is going to be the best year yet.

Karswell said...

Invites to the Atlas Email Club Members Only society are still being put together-- lots more on the way for you deserved subscribers, including some Spellbound and Astonishing tales

Diablo666 said...

The FIRST installment was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!....Thanx much, Karswell!!!