Friday, October 31, 2014

Peter, Peter

Am I posting to much black and white stuff lately? When looking for something different to post this Halloween, (meaning: an appropriately themed story I have not yet posted here at THOIA over the last 7 Halloweens), the only thing I stumbled upon that even came close, or worthy, of a holiday post is this gruesomely clever tale from the Jan. '79 issue of of Vampirella #75 --see our last post for another non-Vampi entry from this excellent issue too! So read it and weep, Horror Heads-- cuz this'll also be the last post for at least a week or so in early November, as we'll be on vacation-- but we will return in plenty o'time for some turkey! Have a safe and happy Halloween... I dedicate this post to the ass who keeps writing to me and complaining that I post too much black and white stuff.


J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

OMG! Is there really someone who thinks you post too much B/W?
And you keep on doing it?
Well, even before reading the story: Thanks!!!
I see you also keep on digging up some stuff from fine spanish and latino-american artists: Duranona is another Argentino Maestro I was familiar with. I fondly remember him from the seventies-eighties italian edition of "Skorpio", a magazine focused on Argentinos historietas together with its twin magazine "Lanciostory". But then again, This may be his first horror comic I see.
Just looking at his pages, I am reminded of Alberto Breccia and also of some fine italians artists like Dino Battaglia and Sergio Toppi (who did some neat Lovecraft stuff).
And you know what? B/W is the best way for an artist to prove he's got BALLS! (in this case, cojones).
My best regards and have a nice holiday.
Oh, and thanks for posting the cover. I wanna be an alien Blob.

Dr. Theda said...

A very Happy Halloween to you , Mr. Karswell.... from our "Crypt"....

Mestiere said...
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Mestiere said...
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Brian Barnes said...

Happy Halloween, Karswell!

First off, incredible work from Souter on this one. Historically, as pointed out, it's a bit odd, but that aside, it's well paced and packs an emotional punch and well deserved comeuppance, and that well done late 70s view of exploitative capitalism.

The art beautifully detailed and would have only been ruined by color.

Why somebody gets all up in arms about B&W I don't know; in a genre where there's a lot of silly stories, there's as much incredible art and just lousy coloring. You'd never get this kind of intricate and shadowed work in color. Some of the stuff in these mags was duped right from pencils (not this one) and that's something that coloring would ruin.

Keep up the good work, you do a great service and the internet is always full of loud entitled folks.

Morbid said...

I still remember way back when people were complaining at various times about Warren going with non-American comic book artists! I was just in high school but I had a subscription to Heavy Metal at the time and had to laugh. Recently I rummaged through some old Warren magazines and it was astounding how bad things had gotten before Warren cast about for some genuine talent from overseas! I've got a copy of EERIE #32 (1971) in front of me right now and except for an early story by the awesome Corben, and a mediocre effort by Tom Sutton, the rest of the artists in the issue can't draw their way out of a paper bag! Thank goodness for solid talents like Duranona.

I've always really liked Duranona's line work. This was pretty great. Don't have any issues of Vampirella. I'm going to have start picking some up.

Where does an evil fiend like Mr. Karswell go on vacation? The mind boggles.

Tim Tylor said...

One beautiful and understatedly creepy story. Putting it into color would probably have taken away more than it added. No complaints here. Have a fine vacation!

Grant said...

I'm not sure of the artist of that one, but the bottom panel of Page 3 reminds me of a really "arty" scene in a story from Creepy # 61, called "The Blood-Colored Motorbike."

Speaking of Lovecraft, there seems to be a little tribute to him or maybe Derleth in naming one of the characters "Orm."

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Because of Simon Orne from "the case of Charles Dexter Ward" maybe?
I'm not a Derleth expert, so if the reference is to him I don't catch it, but Peter carves pretty Lovecraftian stuff.
Also, I'm not an expert in american history, so thanks for the clarifications. I like Souter's grim writings.

Grant said...

Yes, I guess I was thinking of the character in Charles Dexter Ward. But I was off by one consonant.

Unknown said...

Awesome freaking story. I feel like I'm gonna be spending a LOT of time on this website reading stories I wasn't able to grow up with (I'm 15).

Mr. Karswell said...

Mr Karswell spent a few weeks in Florida, specifically Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, and then Disney on Halloween! Had a great time, and hope everyone else had a good holiday too! Thanks for the comments, lots on the way in Nov!