Wednesday, October 8, 2014

HAUNTED HORROR #13 - City of Fearful Night

Big 'n lucky HAUNTED HORROR #13 is in stores today, and here's a FULL story preview (what's with some review sites only posting the first 6 pages??) of Bernard Baily's epically eerie lead-off tale as originally presented in the Jan. '52 issue of Worlds of Fear #2 (also featured here at THOIA way back in Dec 2007.) This is sort of an encore presentation for you longtime followers, so hey, tell us what you think about HH so far, --we've crawled along for 13 issues now and we'd love to hear your opinions. Anyone writing in with thoughts on HH will have their name entered into a drawing to win a copy of the Haunted Horror Vol 2 hardcover collection coming in November!


Mestiere said...

This could have inspired the Final Destination movies.

Those death faces were pretty creepy. Hooded skeletons in general are eerie. I'm reminded of the Knights Templar in the 1971 Spanish movie La noche del terror ciego (literally "The Night of the Blind Terror") distributed in English with the much better title The Tomb of the Blind Dead.

A surprising number of people have childhood memories of a skeleton—often hooded—coming out of the closet or from under the bed. Only, when they think about it, it didn't really looked like a skeleton but like the third guy from the left.

If you scroll down you will find the first hypnotic session of Whitley Strieber's, author of Communion. It's about the very first time he remembered consciously seeing an alien. The being was hooded. According to Strieber the fear he felt was "so raw, profound and large that I would not have thought possible that such an emotion could exist." Start around minute 17 and after three minutes you will hear what that emotion sounds like.

Popeye's Blog said...

This series is welcome. I would love some editorial innovation here, though. howe about themed issues and issues featuring a specific artist or publisher? Artist profiles in the inner cover? There is a great opportunity here to elevate all of our knowledge and appreciation of the artists who made this stuff.

Brian Barnes said...

I'll read this on my paper copy later tonight, but I do just want to say congratulations on this crazy project reaching 13 issues! It's a real treat, and hopefully many, many more issues to come!

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, I love the art in this story. Some of the background environments are a little lazy, but most a great, and the panel subjects--the people, trains, and town buildings--are magnificent. Colored really well, too. I agree with Mestiere about the skeletal figures. These are some very successful designs.

I have greatly enjoyed the Haunted Horrors issues I've read and look forward to more. Unlike Popeye's Blog, I prefer a mixed bag of stories rather than a curated set by theme or whatever. I do think artist (or publishing company) bios are a great idea, though. I can't wait to get my hands on the next hardback collection! Last one came out just as I finished reading the original issues contained in it. That will not be a problem this time around.

JMR777 said...

Was the town real or only a nightmare? Can we ever know with certainty?

The main character running around town trying to escape the horrors reminded me of Night Gallery's 'Camera Obscura'.
Only in this story, the unlucky guy managed to escape.

Karswell said...

thanks for the comments, those of you that wrote in will be entered into the HHV2 contest-- thanks again!

Grant said...

I didn't think of it on my own, but it DOES resemble CAMERA OBSCURA. (As for the "Blind Dead" movies, I'm afraid I've never seen those.)
It also feels like a very loose version of that traditional supernatural story, where someone is scared away from getting on a vehicle by a scary character from his / her nightmares, then the vehicle crashes. The reason I thought of that was because of TWILIGHT ZONE'S answer to that story, "TWENTY-TWO" (which has a plane in it).

In the final panel, "Frank" looks a little like Dean Martin (Frank and Dean?).

Thwacko said...

Wow, great nightmarish story. Glad they didn't go for the clinched "twist" ending, and instead went with a more Twilight Zone brush with the unknown style ending. Thanks for posting!