Monday, September 8, 2014

Demon Flies!

After the Joe Certa love demonstrated in our last post comments, I've been going through my collection to see what else I can conjure up by him-- in the meantime, here's an encore presentation of one of his more horrific Harvey tales, originally posted here waaaay back in 2007 --and man, I'm just glad it's flies and not yellow jackets! From the March 1952 issue of Witches Tales #8.


Brian Barnes said...

I don't think flies are out to destroy spiders in an eternal war, I think they are just trying to stay the hell away from them!

Joe draws some spectacular skeletons. In a lot of these stories, the skeletons are somewhat cartoon-ish in nature, but here, especially the one on page 2, is really rendered realistically, and I think it's again the good control of light and shadow that Certa showed in the last tale.

Of course, we still have the skeletons staying together like a high school anatomy model!

Witches Tales #8 has a great cover, I smell an entry for October's "Skeletons are Jerks!"

Mestiere said...
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Mr. Cavin said...

"An admirable job, my friends!! I have heard the last of his mockery!!" Now there's an example of a phrase I'd like to find more use for in my own life. Release the flies!

Excellent story.

Tim Tylor said...

"They're growing larger and more powerful each day!" So he was getting away with this mayhem over weeks.Harrington Experimental Labs has serious HR issues.

Grant said...

If there's anything more entertaining than a mad scientist, it's a VENGEFUL mad scientist, the "I'll teach them to laugh at my theories!" kind. It doesn't even matter that you never learn what the theories WERE (they don't seem to be about the killer flies, since he came up with those in order to GET the revenge).

Unknown said...
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