Monday, September 29, 2014

Vampires Drink Deep!

Finishing out the month in gorgeously moody black and white (and a splash of red), this time with a morbid Marvel mag reprint from Dracula Lives! #2 (1973), awesome art by Joe Sinnott --originally featured in the August 1952 issue of Strange Tales #9. Note the Atlas version of this story was titled "Drink Deep, Vampire!"


Karswell said...

(Thanks to Brian Barnes for the generous donation of this mag to my collection too!)

Brian Barnes said...

No problem, you are one of the bright spots in the general narcissistic nature of current blogs :)

The art here is just gorgeous, and it's nice to see it rescued from the coloring, though Atlas was usually very good at it. The only problem (checking my masterworks edition) is that it's really bright and primary colored. It's what they had back then so there's not a lot to knock, but it's nice in B&W.

It looks like they added a lot of zip-a-tone to it, though, and some of it probably wasn't helping.

This is a well played as-it-turns-out story.

Mestiere said...

Thanks, Brian, for your donation! It's a good-looking story.

Interesting how everyone in this story looked evil. Even the cop in the lower left panel on page two has that toothy sneer. I guess he was evil off panel.

Once again someone reaches an agreement with a vampire in exchange for treasure, like in this story. How come vampires are so rich? Do they really need the money?

In the center-left panel on page five that looks like seven five-gallon jugs. That would be like 300 pounds of blood. And Karl was bringing that much every night? The vampires should have been suspicious just for that. I guess Karl didn't really need to carry all those jugs all the way to the vampire colony, he could just fill them up right there at the castle and when the vampires woke up he would pretend he just brought them. Still, if I was a vampire, I would have wondered how he managed that.

At the end we sort of get an explanation of why Karl looked so evil despite the fact that by feeding vampires their own blood he was saving lives. He was defrauding those vampires for money, not to save lives, so I guess Karl did what he did in the spirit of a villain rather than a hero.

Mr. Cavin said...

Now that's how you do a black and white reprint! What beautiful spot color. Though I think I'd probably prefer the original rainbow-colored pre-code version, Sinnott's stuff is so bold that it really works well both ways. That is such a beautiful cemetery. Thanks Karswell, and happy October first!

Grant said...

I've never owned any issue of DRACULA LIVES, but I've been curious about this story since seeing excerpts of it on the site "Marvel University" several months ago, so I'm glad to see the whole thing.

The funny thing is, selling people their own goods is a famous kind of scam, but this might be the only time it's been used in a supernatural story. Probably the only time I know of, at least.

Karswell said...

I highly recommend any of the 70's black and white Marvel horror mags, they usually contain golden age Atlas reprints, as well as superbly illustrated new material too.

Thanks for the comments, lots more on the way for October!

Thwacko said...

Fantastic Sinnott art! Watch out, Al Feldstein.