Sunday, August 31, 2014

Death's Round Trip

Drug experimentation that delivers you into the hands of Death himself! Doesn't sound too far fetched really-- so hang on for the ride of your afterlife in this lengthy, high adventure excursion into hellacious horror from the Sept '52 issue of Beware! Terror Tales #3.


Brian Barnes said...

That's how you write a twist ending. Page 3, panel 2 & 3 all but announce it, and no extra hidden events or things are required.

A fun tale with some great imagery, though I think in the circumstances the skull prison might be a little more humorous than scary.

Carlton should have been put to death for those eyebrows! Was this redone for Eerie pubs? I seem to remember reading this one, but couldn't find it on bloody pulp.

Mestiere said...

The story is almost a warning against committing suicide since the afterlife is shown as thoroughly unpleasant, sort of a mix between the underground caves of the H. P. Lovecraft story The Festival and a funhouse. No mention of Heaven and Hell, reincarnation or transcendence of any kind. Depressing.

That pill seemed to kill Dr. Carlton right away. Maybe they should use that instead of lethal injections, taking in account all the recent botched executions.

How naive of Dr. Albert Carlton to believe that others would buy his story of what he saw in the afterlife because he was dead for fifteen minutes. Since then people have been "dead" for up to three days and come back. Soviet neuropathologist George Rondonaia was in a morgue for three days after being deliberately run over by a car driven by a KGB agent. He woke up when they were already starting the autopsy. During his out-of-body experience he obtained information that he was able to verify later, like the fact that the baby of his next door neighbors wouldn't stop crying because he had a fractured hip. If that doesn't impress people Dr. Carlton's fifteen minutes wouldn't, either.

There is also a real medical mystery called the Lazarus syndrome. In dozens of cases over the last thirty-some years circulation spontaneously and mysteriously returns after cardiopulmonary resuscitation has failed and the person has been declared dead.

Mr. Cavin said...

I'd love to see this one redrawn by somebody who can really make hay out of what might have been an underworld nightmarish enough to distract us from the progression of the narrative--Ditko, Kirby, Druillet, Vietch, Burns. Bosch.

Turok1952 said...

Yes, absolutely!

This was made for Ditko. I would have loved to have seen such!