Saturday, May 3, 2014

Son of Dracula (PART TWO)

And now the blood suckin second half finale of the June 1975 issue of Fright #1, aka Son of Dracula #1! Click HERE for the first part in case you missed it! Hope you enjoyed this one-- I'll have another Frank Thorne illustrated terror tale coming up in our next post too!


Brian Barnes said...

Interesting story. The reborn Atlas really followed a lot of the Marvel method; another hero who is cursed by some event in their lives and feels responsible to seek out and destroy evil.

One thing that's not quite clear in the script is if his "son of Dracula" transformation is another personality or just him with bloodlust; the "I Live Again" (when did he ever live once?) would seem to say it's a Hulk like transformation.

This could have been a really fun series, it had a lot of ground that it could cover.

Though, somebody has to explain how he grows a cape :)

Mestiere said...
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Mr. Karswell said...

thanks for the comments

Grant said...

It's funny how the girl is supposed to be a jaded character (being a burglar) but she's given a slightly "ditzy" look, especially in the first picture. Sort of a Carol Wayne or Nina Wayne look! Maybe it's partly a cover.

I keep wishing things had gone differently for her and him - she almost forgets about stealing from him because her crush on him takes over when she sees him lying there. (Which is something you see in comedies and dramas about MALE burglars and FEMALE victims, but here it's reversed.) But the writer probably couldn't resist the idea of the cross being removed carelessly.