Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Bedeviled Battalion

The fourth and final bedeviling tale in our full issue presentation of the June 1952 issue of The Beyond #12 (see the previous three posts for all of them) --you have to admit, while not the best written stories, these certainly are inspired and over the top, containing really nice artwork (today's story art by Richard Case.) Seems with Ace Magazines, the more bat shit the concepts the more entertaining the issue. This'll wrap things up for Feb 2014-- lots more coming up!


Mestiere said...

I found amusing that the crone with a shop in a North African city had a hobby: she painted.

"Here! Dig to your heart's content!" That was funny to me.

The story is more nonsensical than most. Why did they bury a casket with no body but with a bayonet and a note? Did Jan Sanders do that? When did he get the chance if he was captured right away at the fort? How did he know that Nita would find his grave? If he had a bayonet, why didn't he use it himself? If Colonel Diavalo was after evil souls, why bother with Sanders'?

I'll just assume that Nita was psychic and that's why she kept seeing things. And I like that she saved herself.

Brian Barnes said...

Was there an Eerie pub remake of this? I swear I've seen it before, possible on Bloody Pulp, but the re-titling makes it very hard to search for.

This is the kind of horror story I think of more as a super-hero story. It has supernatural elements, but it plays more adventure like with the same general beats. The Satan in the uniform and some nice touches with the faces give the art a real lift.

Again, the devil and his plans suck. It makes little sense, is way to lengthy, and his failure to search our heroine is bad guy fail 101.

mopydick said...

Yeah, the story is lacks a fair amount of logic BUT I do like the idea of having a legion of undeads in my town that will 'capture all the evil souls that have been evading' the devil too long.

And, I have to give credit to the heroine for her courage to dig up old graves, at night, in a foreign country, all by herself. Its pretty difficult to find a woman like that.

Mr. Cavin said...

This was a great issue, Karswell. Thanks a lot! The art in this story, too, has been super (the top row of page two and the first panel of three, especially).

Karswell said...

I'll have another complete issue or two next month as well! And fyi: we'll be kicking off March 2014 with some werewolf stories-- the first from Frank Robbins! Hold on to your hats!

Mykal said...

Amigo, it might be time to jump in an say that you are (along with Pappy and Groovy) in the Hall of Fame for all time great comic book bloggers. You just keep the quality and quantity ant an incredible level. My hat is off.

Karswell said...

A mighty huge thanks, Mykal! Here's to hoping you revive The Bloody Pulp someday too! :)