Thursday, December 12, 2013

HAUNTED HORROR #8 / Unsleeping Dead

HAUNTED HORROR #8 is in stores this week, featuring a gory assortment of top notch precode terror tales, and this issue is seriously jammed to the gills with witches, aliens, ghosts, decapitation-- whew!-- as well as today's incredible Lou Cameron tale, originally presented in the November 1953 issue of The Beyond #23 (and originally presented here at THOIA waaay back in August 2007 too!) Get a sneak peek look at another great selection from the new HH issue HERE!


Mestiere said...
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Dr. Theda said...

We enjoyed that one... cool artwork as well...
Thank you good Sir Karswell..

Brian Barnes said...

Gorgeous art and fun story from yet but another winning issue from Kars and Yoe.

A lot of pre-code can be traced back to Poe, and one thing they seem to like is Poe's overly adjective-filled gothic writing style (I love Poe but have to admit that reading some it feels like wading through oatmeal) ... and they were always trying to top themselves, therefore you get tricky sentences like:

"demons of the past rose up from their ancient crypts in a vengeance from the beyond"

My only minor complaint is the coloring is a little bright, sometimes the yellow is used in strange places.

Grant said...

Oddly enough, Hal Warren is also the name of the businessman who made the infamous movie MANOS, THE HAND OF FATE. Since that's an early ' 60s movie and the only one he made, it's funny seeing this earlier story giving the name to a horror film producer.

It's also kind of funny seeing an honest French character murdered by a deceitful American character. You probably don't see that in too many American stories, especially nowadays!

Mr. Cavin said...

I love this zany kooked-up story, but I am sad that they didn't continue to embrace all the grody zombie potential they mined on page three. We could have been treated to eyeless undead samurai and blind dead Borgias for the rest of the short, till Hal is finally stalked to death by a bloated rat-gnawed cadaver. As it is, the fabulous art was a little on the tame side for a story so totally nuts.

On the flipside, though, this has to be my favorite Haunted Horror cover yet. Who did it?

Daniel [] said...

“Yes! I must commit murder so that i may steal for my own purposes this device that metes-out justice!”

Oi. What a schmuck.

Mr. Karswell said...

Glad everyone enjoyed this one... Lou Cameron has been covered quite extensively here at THOIA over the years, it's cool to share one of his greatest hits here in HAUNTED HORROR as well!

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UP NEXT: The long awaited THOIA debut of SKYWALD!