Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bride of Satan

Flash Forward to the satanic 70's, and here's an evil classic conjured up by George Kashdan and Vicente Alcazar for the December 1974 issue of Witching Hour #49. Also, for anyone looking for HAUNTED HORROR #6 this week (as incorrectly reported), it'll actually be in stores next week on Sept 4th!


Mestiere said...
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Tim Whitcher said...

What fun! A DC bronze age story was just what the doctor ordered! Dr. Frankenstein, that is.

Mr. Karswell said...

I'll be mixing it up a bit more in the coming months, old stuff and newer-- I have some other tricks up my sleeve as well!

Brian Barnes said...

Normally not a big fan of 70s DC horror, but this is one of the great ones they pulled out; the art is great, though it's mostly a talking head story, and the story is a lot of fun.

Raymond, if you didn't notice, actually got off really well in this story, not only does he not owe his soul to the devil, but he's got a gold mine (it was never rescinded) and didn't get stuck with the witch.

The "glamour" spell witch story is something I've always wondered about. Why is this a bad thing? Sure, she's actually hideous, but to you, and everybody else, she can be as hot as imaginable and she can wipe out your enemies. What's not to like? I think I can put up with her being an ugly hag at certain periods for the other stuff ... marriage is compromise! :)

Grant said...

Everything Brian Barnes says makes sense. A gold mine and he's also off the hook with the other characters.

Along with everything else, it's easy to have a real crush on the hostess of WITCHING HOUR. Speaking of Bronze Age horror comics, it's a little like GHOST MANOR when it comes to that. Have you ever posted any stories from it, or any other Charlton one?

JMR777 said...

Here comes the bride
Ugly, evil and wide
Pity the poor groom
With nowhere to hide.

Its always good to see some 70's comics now and then. It gives us a chance to compare old vs new comics (layout, coloring, differences in storytelling, how art styles differed then and now, etc)

This was a gothic type tale with a suprise twist, something you would expect to see on Night Gallery.
Great find as always Karswell.

Daniel [] said...

I'd like to point-out that Baal had an escape here — the marriage had not been consummated. In fact, there's a fair chance that it never subsequently were.

Unknown said...

On page 5 panel 5-did she just turn into a young Jane Fonda??

Mestiere said...

She might have.