Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blood on Her Lips

Even the typically revolting print job on today's Superior Publishing story can't hold back the ferocity of a woman out for blood! From the January 1953 issue of Journey into Fear #11.


Mr. Cavin said...

Interesting strategy that werewolf had. She stopped her wolves from eating the guy in the woods, dispersed them, only to take the man back to her lair and drug him to then rustle-up the rest of the dispersed wolves to eat him. as she working up an appetite? And if this does somehow make sense, why didn't she do the same thing to the previous guy? He wasn't too good to eat out in the woods? Sheesh, werewolves are weird.

But I love 'em!

Mestiere said...
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dr unknown said...

journey into fear is a good title, I don't know why but I like this companies art style and page layouts alot.

Brian Barnes said...

The story is incomprehensible, the coloring is unforgivable, and the artist has weird problems with human and/or werewolf bodies in motion.

And it's all great! I swear I saw an Eerie version of this, but can't find it but it's not like we haven't seen many versions of this story before, so it could have been a related story.

The biggest problem in this is the driving snow; I think we can understand that it's cold and it's snowing, the swirling lines just make the art harder to print and fuzz up all the panels.

A bit of convenient scripting in this one; to make her more spooky at first our mountie can hardly keep up with her in the snow, but at the end, he can outpace her easily.

Frank Forte said...

great art--very cool!

Grant said...

In this country (unlike Canada) it's a little hard to take in a completely DRAMATIC story about a Mountie, because of Dudley Do-Right. Which is no joke, that's how big his influence is when it comes to that.