Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Screaming Skulls! (X3)

Got a whole mess of screaming skulls for you today, the first bouncy batch of 'em from the Jan-Feb '72 issue of GHOSTS #3, with magnificently moody art by Jerry Grandenetti... followed by a bombastic bony bonus filler page and an encore presentation of a Bob Forgione story originally featured here at THOIA back in 2008, from the March '54 issue of Out of the Night #13. "SCREEEEEAM!!!"



Mestiere said...
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bzak said...


Thanks for these. Can't have too many screamin' skull stories.

Is Zander helping you pick stories now?

Brian Riedel

Mr. Cavin said...

Guess I should watch The Screaming Skull on DVD tonight, now. Just to round out the theme. I sure wish the movie had anything as neat as that Frank Lloyd Flintstone house in the first story.

Brian Barnes said...

@Mr. Cavin: That, or read The Mystery of the Talking Skull, from the Three Investigators!

Great art, the sketchy, shadowy, grotesque type art was something I never appreciated when I was young, but have come to love. In my older age I've finally come to appreciate how much a master people like Grandenetti or Gene Colan were.

Sadly, though, its another typical 70s DC post-code story.

Turok1952 said...

I agree, Brian. Even though I liked all of the stories, and I like the last one the best, the style of Grandenetti, which as a yung man would have confounded me, I too now appreciate as an effective enhancement to the story.

Steven, mil gracias for another group of winners!

Anonymous said...

Cavin-- you'd be better off reading the original story (which the movie doesn't do much with):

Mr. Cavin said...

Thanks for the reading tips everybody (double thanks since I've never actually read that before, brandiweed!), but the problem is, what am I going to watch?

Mr. Karswell said...

Yeah, great comments and super links-- thanks!!