Saturday, January 5, 2013

Emily / The Unwanted!

Two sci-fi themed Atlas stories for you today, the first (by request) from the Nov. '54 issue of Marvel Tales #128, art by Pete Tumlinson, (apologies to those hoping for the foxy Emily as featured on the cover of this issue!) --and the second tale by Bill Walton from the July '54 issue of Marvel Tales #125.


Turok1952 said...

A thousand thanks for this, o magnificent one! Both are grrrreeat!

Deep inside, there's a little bit of Emily in all or at least perhaps most of us. I wonder how the useless party pop tarts will treat Emily once her new husband and his pals return. I would love to see them bow and scrape.

Now I am really wondering about her husband's shoulder joints, though.

"The Unwanted" was also a nicely-developed morality tale. Not only are relationships what we make them, but how soon we forget ourselves.

The returnees' ship circles the earth while those who would benefit from their brethren's knowledge live that Hobbesian "nasty, brutish, and short life" they need not have. Their fear prevents their learning.

There's so much to be said about closed-mindedness, but that is for a different forum, perhaps. A thousand new thanks! You made my day...again! :)

Brian Barnes said...

Two great ones. The unwanted is well done but the general kind of morality preacher.

Emily, on the other hand, is something I've never seen before. In most horror tales, the non-conformist gets revenge through their own machinations and then meet an ironic fate.

Here, she's still trying to, at least, be helpful, and the people who shunned her have earned their fate, and her vengeance is wholly by an outside force.

The art is also great, her facial expressions are wonderful, and the cartoon-y, Olive Oil-ish exaggerated lanky poses are spot on.

BTW: A couple houses on the soil threatens their civilization, but the thousands of pounds of thrust from a rocket is just fine?

This is going to be another great month on the Horrors of it All!

Mr. Cavin said...

Wow, that Bill Walton work is really elegant. Look at those fabulous panel layouts on pages one and two of the Unwanted. Great spaces and figure interactions. My favorite panel is the third one on page three, where we are forced to peer through multiple space helmets to see the characters talking. Solid gold!

That issue has a marvelous cover, too.

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