Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Cannibal!

To honor the new Fiction House and Standard Horror website, THOIA celebrates with a meaty encore presentation of a terrifyingly tasty tale from the May 1953 issue of Out of the Shadows #13, (as originally featured HERE back in 2008.) Kudos to Space Lord and friends for their awesome new online achievement!


Tim Whitcher said...

She must've been bulimic as well as a cannibal!

sfdoomed said...

She sure sucks them to the bone! Not an ounce of flesh left on the poor stranger.

And I have to admit that I fell for the twist on this one (the secret is to not think too much with these tales of terror). I thought she'd be rescued by the young cop at the last minute. These things were written with suckers like me in mind!

Brian Barnes said...

If I had one wish -- while most people would wish for world peace or a horde of treasure -- I'd wish that when you die, you're bones are bleached white and stay together like that.

I've been reading way too many of these stories!

DR Unknown said...

thanks for the new story. I wonder how many complete comic books you can make from all of the posts you have on the blog.

SpaceLord said...

Thank your for hinting at the new all-about-Fiction-House-and-Standard-horror-website.
I like "The Cannibal!" and will use it the next days as a teaser on my German website.
Story is crime mystery fun - though it is highly nonsensical that the victims are picked clean to the bone in MINUTES.
She must have been really hungry.

Turok1952 said...

I was fooled, also. I thought the cannibal was Sergeant Ross. The last panel was sublime.

This was a superb story! A thousand thanks!

Mr. Cavin said...

But if I eat so much as a plate of spaghetti every day, I blow up like a damn balloon.

This is becoming my favorite kind of pre-code art. Not all stiley and overworked, not too reliant on variable-width brushy lines. Just nice and clean. What a brilliant ripped-from-the-headlines splash, too!

Dr Unknown said...

Since this is Doomsday week maybe you can get a horror theme on doomsday horror stories if there are any. just a thought, I dont believe it's doomsday on the 21st anyway but it might be cool post.

Mr. Karswell said...

Wasn't hinting, Space Lord-- this is a FULL ON PLUG! Great site, and great publications to spotlight, you are doing super fine, essential work and those of us who are passionate about this subject are eternally grateful!

Glad everyone dug the story, I have a preview from another new Yoe book up next, but Dr. Unknown has a good idea about it being Doomsday Week and we'll see how the posts pan out-- IF WE'RE STILL HERE!!!