Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Daddy Should Have Listened

IDW and Yoe Books newest book COMICS ABOUT CARTOONISTS is overflowing with wild stories about the world's oddest profession-- tales of cartoonists encountering situations where their illustrated creations literally come to life on them! And for you pre-code horror junkies, a few of these situations even spell out TERROR! Take for example the superbly creepy story featured here at THOIA today, originally presented in the October 1952 issue of Beware #12 (art by Vince Napoli.) Find out more about this essential Yoe book by clicking HERE, and watch the video preview by clicking HERE! ALSO! If you haven't already seen the Haunted Horror interview article in the new December issue of Rue Morgue Magazine then run out now to your nearest newsstand and grab a copy ASAP! You can also scroll to the bottom of this post and read it there too!


Mestiere said...
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Crafty C said...


Andy 7 said...

Yoe is a great archivist and I'm looking forward to checking out this great collection. The preview looks terrific.

Brian Barnes said...

I like the art in this -- it's scratchy and there are some strange anatomy and perspective problems (the crypt doors at the bottom of the last page are particularly distracting), but it works and fits the story. The ghost/ghoul/demon whatever kid is sufficiently creepy.

This is a very nice find. Good writing and pacing.

Trevor M said...

Brian is right, and so are the others -- this is pretty terrific!

I've always dreamed about being a 1950's horror comic artist. By the time I was an adult and could really draw there weren't any real horror comics anymore and I had to publish my own obscure indie stuff and finally gave up as the only thing there was any market for were slick super-stylized superheroes and cookie-cutter manga. What a great vision of my humble fantasy --um-- except for the insane asylum at the end. I'm almost inspired to start trying again after this wonderful scratchy (and itchy) little story.

Thanks very much for posting it. It's for finds like this that I keep returning to THOIA.

SpaceLord said...

Very funny.
Very insider-y as well.
And veeery strange artwork.
I like it.

Tim Whitcher said...

I expected Willie to be like the bug-guy in Men In Black; you know, a monster wearing a human's skin!

It is funny that some panels look great and others are crude and disproportional.

Pretty creepy, though.

Kokodrilomex said...

Dear mr. Karswell

During my enquiries through the internet I came across a blog in which a Wolverton story was depicted, its name “Robot Woman”. In the comments somebody pointed out that this story was rewritten in the seventies, frame by frame, in the ‘Tales from the Tomb’ magazine, and even made a side by side comparison with both stories. Then I recalled that during my childhood in the sixties I saw a similar story magnifically illustrated. The plot was slightly different from that of Wolverton’s. In it a mad scientist seeks revenge against strong rivals creating a robot woman whose name is Rita (the version I read was in Spanish so, I can’t tell for sure if that is the original character’s name, although she actually looks like a gorgeous Rita Hayworth). This lethal robot, besides being strong, is created with the desire of kissing her victims to death. The end is almost similar to that of Wolverton’ story. Since you are a proved connoisseur in the matter I was wondering if you know by any chance the story I’m talking about. I’m also dealing with the possibility that you have already posted it since your blog is so abundant but that, I guess it’s only for you to know. Thank you anyway for this wonderful Blog of yours.

Mr. Karswell said...

I agree, the art is neat and different in this one, the strange illustrative style (even though I've posted stories by Vince before) gives it all a surreal, nightmarish quality. Craig says it's the creepiest story he's ever read and it's one of his favorites from the book. Glad everyone dug it, and be sure to check out this great new IDW / Yoe release-- COMING SOON!

@Koko: the robot girl story you're thinking of is called Death Kiss, illustrated by Rudy Palais and is indeed in the THOIA Archive here:

For more robo girl fun, take a look at Tryst with Terror too:

Mr. Cavin said...

I loved the backgrounds and colors on top of all the spooky scratchy disproportionate panels everybody else already mentioned. This stuff is just how I like 'em, curvy and impressionistic and macabre.