Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Horror of Mixed Torsos! / ZOMBIES

Today we have one of the most violent and awesomely repulsive pre-code tales ever, originally featured in the August 1953 issue of Dark Mysteries #13. I posted this many zombie moons ago here at THOIA, and now it can also be found in the new IDW / Yoe Books Chilling Archives of Horror Comics hardcover series collection ZOMBIES by Craig Yoe and Steve "Karswell" Banes-- in comic book shops today, and everywhere else in 2 weeks! Be sure to drop me a line and let us know if your local comic store is carrying the book, if they are not then tell them they should--- or else! We'd love to hear from you if you do buy it today... and a very sincere thanks to all the websites and blogs out there that helped promote it by spreading the word!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this comic stole its big twist from the famous Ghastly Ingels story "Horror We? How's Bayou?", which came out in 1950.

Keir said...

Cheers for sharing a comic entry lacking in any redeemable quality except gore for gore's sake. At a time when real-life horrors are taking place this week from some naked guy eating another's face whilst being shot over and over in Miami to some guy Stabbing himself and throwing pieces Of skin And intestines at police in New Jersey, this seems tame by comparison.
I was just visiting Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine and he certainly has high praise for you and your book- best of luck with it!

Tim Whitcher said...


I love it!

Ghastly Gil said...

This is definitely the ugly stepbrother of Horror We? How's Bayou?

You have to have a love of the unpretentious to be a serious fan of these comics, and this is about as unpretentious as it gets. This is just hilarious and brilliantly nasty.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was thinking about "Horror We, How's Bayou?" even before I read the comments. You guys beat me to it. Also, I was thinking about the movie "Buio Omega."

Brian Barnes said...

It's hard not to believe this wasn't directly a lift from "Horror We? How's Bayou?". That was published in Jan/Feb of 53, and thinking about lead times, that puts it right where this story was published, a couple months later in August.

Page 5, panel 3 is wonderful, really kinetic, but this story suffers from it's comparison to the EC tale. The pacing is a bit strange. Still, it's a fun read!

The splash is also a great bit of pre-code art, the way the objects are placed to show just enough gore but not outright.

Mr. Karswell said...

yep... yep to all.