Monday, May 14, 2012

Back from the Dead! + Creepshow

Here's the remainder of the awesome Creepshow article from the fall 1982 issue of Cinefantastique Vol. 13 #1 (see previous post for part one), as well as my Creepshow DVD cover signed by Tom Savini and Adrienne Barbeau when I met them both here in StL a few years ago at a horror convention. But first, a sad little number of love, betrayal, and the walking, talking, acting dead-- from the Feb. 1953 issue of Adventures into Weird Worlds #15.

(Part Two continued...)


Brian Barnes said...

Another clever Atlas tale! The repetition of the close up faces is a great hook. The writing doesn't sound like Stan, and I like the artist however he (or she) is. It's recognizable, I've seen it before but I was never that good at picking people out.

I can't think about Adrienne Barbeau without thinking about Adult Swim's SeaLab 2021 and Captain Murphy's obsession with "Adrienne Barbeaubot!"

SpaceLord said...

I agree.
Very well scripted and nicely paced movie horror tale with a good and fresh twist.
GCD thinks it's art (inks anyway) by Sy Barry. Sounds credible to me.
That "spider panel" in the middle of the story is veeery strange and intriguing!

Tim Whitcher said...

The use of yellow and blue in all the "shock" panels is great! Nice art, too.

Trevor M said...

I liked this one, and it opens up a "what happens next?" scenario. Everyone involved is left with incontrovertible hard evidence of the supernatural. So what happens to this movie? Is it shelved in a vault to be discovered by future paranormal investigators and researchers? Do the interview the feeble old mad director in the asylum? Fun stuff to think about.

The Creepshow article conclusion was excellent. I love reading about indie horror films that do good and the process from idea to screen and distribution. Inspirational.

Mr. Karswell said...

Yeah, this is a really good, different sort of Atlas tale, I'm surprised by the lack of comments. Anyway, thanks to those that stopped by!

I also wanted to mention that I've uploaded a ZOMBIES book preview clip to youtube, take a look here: