Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Howling Head

Time to spend the night with "...a stalking horror whose werewolf ways find tongue in The Howling Head!" Lin Streeter serves up some fine moments in this dirty tale from the May 1951 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #19 (I blame the printer.)

Cover art by
Ogden Whitney


Brian Barnes said...

I'm keeping a picture of this guy if I ever need a new doctor so I know who NOT to get.

"Doctor, my arm hurts"
"I believe it's a contagious disease that causes a form of suspended animation followed by amnesia!"

"Doctor, I got scared by a headless man!"
"We must give you plasma! Being scared drains you of blood!"

At least he's good at the destroying the supernatural!

Nice elongated shadows for every scene in the house, but that script, wow, but very entertaining.

Trevor said...

Tom was clueless! lol Thanks for another great story

Tim said...

Thank god he has luck on his side & a good woman beside him, I don't think he would make it on intellect alone. However it has merit with its humor. Thanks, Tim

Mr. Cavin said...

Wow, this has my favorite panel in a whole year, if not ever. The headlights on that wolf noggin are fantastic--though I kind of wish they'd been rendered as decorative solids like the car lights on the first page. I also love that panel on page six where the tombstone pops up--just like part of an old timey cash register--to clue us into the secret identity of the headless guy. I mean, until right then I wasn't so sure if this was the same headless guy they'd been talking about on every page already or not, you know?

Mark B said...

We live in an age when Dr. Gregory House always tells his minions it can NEVER be lupus! But yet...

That script is something. An awkward attempt at poetic description "skimming bats brush the deepening grey of evening" is followed by pure corn. "This place is CRAWLING with superstition!" "Yes.. and it's enough to make your FLESH crawl!" (page 2)

And the last page - "their bodies are back where they should be---ready for the earth." So funeral homes will get some returns? Some real estate agents will get a shock when showing a deceased person's house if that body had not been removed before it disappeared? Greedy relatives who already moved in will scream like headless werewolves?

Thanks for the insanity and the inanity Karswell.

Mr. Karswell said...

I think we've stumbled onto a good idea for a theme around here-- silliness! I just hope ya'll can handle the tale that's up next, it's a HAIRY one!

Thanks for the hilarious comments!