Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Bubbling Pit

Art Gates conjures up some fine horror from the pit, in this classic tale of terror from the September 1953 issue of Forbidden Worlds #21 (and later in 1969, Stanley Publications conjured it back again for Shock #4.)

Vintage AD


Trevor said...

Excellent 'just desserts' tale. Wonder what "The Flapping Head" is about lol

Brian Barnes said...

The shock cover entertains me to no end, I love the "gauze covered skeleton doctor" in the upper right. He seems very friends, it's too bad his clipped by the logo!

Great story, though the art's a little stiff. If there's one thing everybody should know by now: don't waste bullets on women who can turn their heads into ghastly skulls. Obviously, if they can still talk and move without a brain, skin or muscles on their head, the bullets aren't going to do a lot of good!

That, BTW, is a great panel. Everything is darkened in the panel to draw the eye to the skull. Shows real eye for detail.

Mr. Cavin said...

I liked the art, and spent the whole story marveling at how good the men's faces were. Usually, when a comic book artist really pours effort into distinguishing faces like this, the characters seem to "overact" throughout the story, usually because the models they're based on hammed it up during the requisite photo shoot. Even good actors find it hard to hit the right emotional spot when it's been removed from the narrative context. But these faces are just great. I wonder what Gates' process was--or did he just have atypically brilliant models?

I want to throw some love over to the Forbidden Worlds cover, too. That Ant Master is awesome. And he looks like he has a tennis ball ornament on his whipped antenna, which means he's a little ahead of his time, too.

FrankFay said...

I wonder how many frightened youngsters vainly popped their bubble gum before being beaten to a pulp by bullies?

Mark B said...

Art Gates comes through again with a fun revenge story.

As for the "Flapping Head" story mentioned on the Shock #4 cover, that's an Al Williamson, Larry Woromay, King Ward story according to GCD. It's from Forbidden Worlds #7 (not FW #3 as GCD says).

You can read it online here

Karswell, I'd be interested in some Shock #4 story scans if you have that issue. Hopefully the Williamson story looks sharp in black and white.

Trevor said...

Thanks Mark B for the Flapping Head link

Mykal said...

Karswell: I love it when you post an artist I've never hear of. Art Gates! Wow! Great stuff.

BTW: the artist for Dubble Bubble Kids is Ray Thompson. Great stuff, too, right?

Mr. Karswell said...

Sorry, had a very busy weekend and plan to get another post up in the next day or so. Thanks for the comments and the Flapping Head link, I've never read that one either.

Tim Whitcher said...

I have that issue, and the "Flapping Head" is a real hoot. I'd snicker every time a character said "flapping head" and it was quiet often, to my delight!