Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Vampire's Fate

I was saving this tale for a mind boggling, bare-chested, underwear clad-only bloodsucker theme for a potential month of posts, but then thought THOIA might too closely resemble a superhero blog with all that exposed, ripped, male flesh (ripped in a bad way) so meh, here ya go... from the April-May 1952 issue of Out of the Night #2.

Fantastic artist, Dave Plunkert writes in to share his killer cover design for the Criterion release of Clouzot's classic Diabolique (1955), order your copy today by clicking HERE!


FrankFay said...

Strange...a towering mansion surrounded by a moat...within walking distance of my did I miss seeing THAT.

Brian Barnes said...

I see the sub-mariner was moonlighting!

These vampire ones are fun because so many of them rely on "figure out the logic to beat the vampire", so there's always some bizarre yet convenient logic to be had, and you never know what kind of vampires you'll get. Stakes? Garlic? No, I have to bite another vampire! No, I have to be forced to fish at exactly 3:33 am on a Thursday!

Daniel [] said...

I have at least once popped for the Criterion edition of a movie that had slipt into the public domain, exactly because the Criterion editions are so well produced.

Tim Whitcher said...

I swear I've read this story with different art in a Skywald Publication.

Who taught this vampire how to talk, anyways? Dr. Seuss?

Mr. Karswell said...

Haha, ummm... thanks for the comments. Last story from this ish coming up next.