Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Swami and the Spectre

In case anyone missed the news, Mykal has unleashed a blog devoted to DC's coolest classic supernatural creation-- THE SPECTRE! The blog, appropriately enough, is called "The Spectre Lives", and in typical Mykal fashion is nicely designed and overloaded with awesome insight... it's sure to be your one stop destination for everything you want to know about The Spectre-- and more! THOIA salutes our friend's effort with a Spectre post of our own, a Silver Age glimpse into another favorite "Avenger of Evil" era from the May - June 1974 issue of Adventure Comics #433, featuring an evil swami and his murderous henchman, a spooky meeting at midnight in a cemetery, ghosts, and a shattering climax in the ever ironic pre-code horror vein of justice. (Artwork by Jim Aparo.)


Tim Whitcher said...

EXCELLENT! This is my favorite superhero (?) of all time!

I think The Spectre was the first superhero to kill off the bad guys (at least post-code).

Aparo art? FANTASTIC.

Mykal said...

Karswell: Thanks for the leg up, pal.

Man, Aparo had it all going on in this series, didn't he? I really think the 70s was the summit of comicbookdom.

Diandra said...

aw yeah The Spectre!

Brian Barnes said...

70s Spectre was Fletcher Hanks with much better art :)

Whenever I see "Art Continuity" in 70s DC credits, I think "redrawing for model", but I don't see any of that here. Am I mistaken on what that meant?

Mr. Karswell said...

My pleasure Mykal, best of luck with the blog! If you ever need scans from any of the 60's or 70's Spectre stuff just let me know.