Monday, October 31, 2011

Payment in Full! / The Little Witch

Two ACG tales to wrap up October 2011! Yes, we started off the month with a little monster, now for Halloween I give you some Art Gates fun with "The Little Witch", from the Feb '53 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #40. If that one isn't scary enough for you (and I'm sure for most of you it won't be), let's first shriek a peek at "Payment in Full!" from the Feb '53 issue of Forbidden Worlds #14, illustrated by the wonderfully bizarro, incredibly underrated Jon Blummer... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

And don't miss the "Weeny Witch"
over at AEET, click HERE!


Psychonator said...

Love the ad for "Skeleton Hand"!

Phillyradiogeek said...

Awesome stuff as always. Happy Halloween!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

why do i think "The Little Witch" is the more twisted of the two?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to comment about these; but, here goes! First story: 1. Don't both the voodoo priest *and* the field *look awfully "White" (Caucasian) for the setting? 2. Anybody else like the "zonked out" expression the female lead gets after the spell is cast?

Second story: *How old is this thing anyway? I mean, it might be in a small town; but the doctor is talking about Pennecillan like it's some kind of drug that just got approved or is in the process of being approved (Or maybe recalled?) by the FDA! And isn't just just lucky that the right kind of mold was there and produced the drug without, say, purification, delluting, or being measured to the right dose, or for that matter, the little boy wasn't allergic*? Also, I would have guesed that the gig was up with the math homework; but I would have guessed that she had gotten the answers wrong! Is "The Little Witch" "Gifted" or a card-carrying member of "Witch Mensa"?


Mr. Karswell said...

>Love the ad for "Skeleton Hand"!

I might post some Skeleton Hand stories later this month, keep checking back...

>Awesome stuff as always. Happy Halloween!

Thanks, had a great time this year... hope you did too!

>why do i think "The Little Witch" is the more twisted of the two?

Because Professor knows best.

>I wasn't going to comment about these

That's funny, because I wasn't going to comment on your comments either.

More terror in November, kicking it off with another full issue presentation-- BEWARE #15!!

Mr. Cavin said...

Just starting to catch up after vacation. Man, I really liked the Little Witch story--I'd love to see a series of these. I also liked the zombie horde on the last page of the first story. The art in both of these is really pretty cool (though both seem nearly hamstrung by the wicked bad printing).

Also, the cover on Forbidden Worlds freaks me. Red lizard men with Crispin Glover hair are downright chilling.