Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Little Monster / "SHHHH!"

Sounded like some of you wanted to see what the rest of Mystery Tales #15 (September '53) was all about-- so here ya go! Benulis & Abel kick off our October 2011 festivities with some tentacled terror from "The Little Monster", followed by a senses shocking Dick Ayers classic simply titled "SHHHH!" PS: I'll have the last two stories from this issue in our next post later this week.

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Anonymous said...

Loved both these stories! In the first one, though I think the alien should have eaten the protagonists first: 1. First thing they did *was* try to kill it; 2. then they exploited it; and 3. then they kept it in the basement like an animal! *Any one of those* qualifies as a "serves you right! in my book! It also reminds me of the story where the man turns to a creature with some similiarities!

In the second one: 1. How badly did the Soviet spies mess up on their *last* missiom to make this one literally life or death; or is the Coronel(sic again) just that kind of a hard***? 2. Was that thing he said *real Russian*? 3. Liked the way the secientist "made a monkey" (OK, ape!) out of him! 4. Was the guy a real scientist with a real formula; or just a lucky (OK he probably ended up either dead or in one of those KGB "mental institutions" that dissidents sometimes eneded up in!) nutcase?


Turok1952 said...

Absolutely wunderbar, both of these!
How typically human is the couple in "The Little Monster"! Eventually they will end up on a plate as well.
From fear to stop lunch!
And the spy story is just as good! I love it when nefarious malefactors get what they deserve.
A thousand thanks for these!!

Michael Hoskin said...

Suffering Soviets indeed.

Frank Forte said...

very high quality art.

Mr. Cavin said...

I love a good mad scientist yarn. This second story would have made an excellent Hitchcock movie. Wrong man, indeed.

Trevor M said...

The writing in the stories were so-so, but I really enjoyed the art in the first one, with a terrific alien with real character in the poses. Second one had solid art by an always solid artist, and there were some fun panels in it. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

This deserves a movie remake. haha

DR UNKNOWN said...

This little monster story the monster is real cute and I predicted the ending before it happened but I love this one. The way the corpses pile up at the back door is classic. One of the best. great post