Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zombie Magic! / Thing from the Grave

Despite the oddly cool science fiction cover painting (and not a single story even remotely approaching S/F within the pages inside), the May 1971 issue of Horror Tales Vol. 3 #3 is chock full of gruesome goodies... take for example these two terrifying yarns about the living dead. From the contents page intro: "The stench of the open grave comes to life..."

["Zombie Magic" is a remake of "Corpses On Cue", which was posted to THOIA after this story's posting. Read it here! -- Nequam]

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Mr. Cavin said...

Woah. Somewhere between the odd, sort of stream-of-unconscious delirium of the breathless plotting and the extreme seventies warp-o-rama paneling, reading this felt an awful lot like being eleven years old again and taking too much cough syrup for a flu-related fever. I sort of wish I could see these pages insanely colorized by Corbin or Moebius.

Anonymous said...

(Third time I'm trying this; *what is wrong*?)

1. (About the first story) Our innocent young lovers (?) are probably thinking: "Where is George Romero when you NEED him"? :)

2. (About the second story) Let's see: 2 sisters, one dies at about thirty in 1941. Other lives some number of (undetermined) years later. Yet Our Villan can't tell one from the other? Forget the dead issue; what kind of makeup and/or plastic surgeon does the live one use? :)


Mr. Karswell said...

>I sort of wish I could see these pages insanely colorized by Corbin or Moebius

Haha, me too!

>"Where is George Romero when you NEED him"?


That's it for the Eerie Pub fest this month... come back in May for a week of my favorite artist ever (if you've been following THOIA then you already know who that is.) Thanks for the comments.

Unknown said...

I had this great idea for a sequel for the first one: Dolores and Ti Jon: Zombie Detectives! Seeking justice for the Undead everywhere.

Daniel [] said...

“Zombie Magic” was a reworking of “Corpses on Cue”, from Web of Mystery #18 (May '53), which you more recently posted.