Monday, September 14, 2009

Horror of the Cannibals' Dinner

I'm all for having fun around here at THOIA, this is in fact my absolute #1 concern for all my readers. But it's also neat to learn something new and even educational once in awhile too, no? Take today's story for example: Did you know that the sound of a head being decapitated by a sword is "Swish!" Also: sometimes glancing at a panel real quick causes one to see an inappropriate sex act occuring where one actually isn't (see page 3 / panel 3.) From Dark Mysteries #15 (1953), the same tasteful issue as our last post which, thankfully likewise, left all good taste to rot.

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den said...

Dear Mr Karswell the THOIA theme song is very nice.Can you please post the lyrics too?Thank you.

Unknown said...

I'm not seeing how that could be mistaken for a sex act. I also couldn't disagree more that this "left all good taste to rot." It's clear from the last panel they didn't allow any of Kurt's good taste to rot. Except maybe above the neck.

Unknown said...

Mr. Palmer had a heart attack because he wasn't expecting to be double teamed by studly cannibal men! I did laugh when I saw that, though it was funnier the way I first saw it. I thought Mr. Palmer was slumped over and the cannibal was coming in from the rear.

Unknown said...

I do think that the sound of a sword severing a head would be more of a "thwack!" than a swish, though.
Lisan is the mistress of sleight of hand.

Corpse Parade said...

Love those jungle horror stories.

sfdoomed said...

Wow. That beheading at the end was one of the most powerful and justified I've seen. What a good and fairly intelligent tale this time around.

Todd - maybe your mind isn't as filthy as Karswell's!

Mr. Karswell said...

>maybe your mind isn't as filthy as Karswell's!

Hey, I resemble that remark! Seriously though, no one else thinks that panel is funny, in a doggy style kind of way? Being a "mature readers" blog about comic books, I guess maybe I take for granted that some of you might actually be / or not be 40 year old virgin fanboys still living at home with mama.


NEXT UP: Experiments in Vampire Dentistry--- and the THOIA theme song lyrics (by request!)

Anonymous said...


Prof. Grewbeard said...

that was "ugh"-tastic!

goblin said...

"Seriously though, no one else thinks that panel is funny, in a doggy style kind of way?"

Fear not, Karswell! I saw it, too, and had a good laugh. And no, I'm not a 40 year old male virgin still living with his mom.

…I'm just 24. :P

Great story, by the way. I knew this would be my kind of tale once I saw the splash page. How could you not like a vengeful, cannibalistic witch and her severed floating hands?

Mr. Cavin said...

I, for one, am most certainly actually or actually not a forty year old male virgin still living at home. You have won your carefully hedged bet! But I hope to hell somebody pops up who does not fall into the above category(s). That individual(?) will be quite a find.

Much like this weirdo tribe of Caucasian African cannibals, with long, straight hair and beautiful slightly light bluish-grayish skin. Where did they find them?

And doggy style isn't funny. Doggy style is holy.

Trevor M said...

Now hold on, Mr. Cavin, "doggy style" is not approved by the church or the Comics Code Authority. The only position approved by the church and the Code is the "missionary position", naturally. Especially where cannibals are concerned, as they usually put missionaries in a bad position.

Love the second to last panel in this story. Amazing.

Just got my THOIA Tee shirt in the mail. It is awesome. The grafix look terrific in real life. Thank you, Karswell. I would highly recommend getting one to anybody -- particularly if you live in the States, where Karswell is crazy enough to pretty much give these away for $15 with US shipping included. He's obviously got a few screws loose -- take advantage of this nut!

Mr. Karswell said...

A wonderful pile of cocka-mamie comments today people, thanks for stopping by and upholding the ill mannered theme of tacky obnoxiousness (that I started.)

And thanks for the tee shirt plug Trevor, back in the day people used to email me photos of themselves in their THOIA shirt and I would post them... if you have a camera handy (same goes to you Lily) then snap one up!

NEXT: We leave the doggy style um, "behind", and "head" for a mouthful of warm suckin's! Come prepared, and bring protection!

Unknown said...

A 40 year old virgin fanboy living at home with mama? No--I AM yo' mama!