Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tales of Horror (CONTEST)

I’m giving away an extra copy of the August 1954 issue of Tales of Horror #12. This copy isn’t in the greatest shape but it is complete, and it’s 100% FREE. Let’s call it a G – VG. So here’s the deal: below are 6 random screen captures from some 70’s horror films, whoever correctly names / identifies the most films (by the number in the bottom left-hand corner of each) wins, or the first person to name them ALL correctly wins. Enter as many times as you like, you can change your answers, use life-lines, wild guesses, whatever it takes.

FYI: since so many of you post anonymously all entries should include a name and an email address (you don’t want someone else taking credit for your impeccable film knowledge!) You may also email your answers here: The winner will be announced on February 1st. Good luck!

#1 is a Spain / Italy production
#2 stars a Frank Zappa look-a-like
#3 the director died in a helicopter crash
#4 stars a famous male actor with a woman’s first name
#5 was made for TV
#6 was originally rated X in the UK


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is #4 from Blue Sunshine? I never saw the movie but it looks like the poster. I think #5 is from a Hammer movie that I can't remember.

Mr. Karswell said...

Not Blue Sunshine, and not a Hammer film. And to the guy who emailed me at hotmail #2 is not a live shot of GWAR.

Keep trying... I've sort of realized that this is probably a harder contest than I originally thought.

Anonymous said...

Probably obvious but #3 is from Three On a Meathook.

Unknown said...

Is #3 my 7th Birthday party? Just after the magic act, things somehow went awry....

I'm embarrassed to say that these totally have me stumped. I feel like I should know these. The guy in #4 looks like someone who tried to touch me in the restroom at the Chesapeake House reststop off of I95.

Is #2 The Devil's Rain?

Mr. Karswell said...

>Is #3 my 7th Birthday party?

It could have been, I had way too much blood in my eyes that night to see very much.

>Is #2 The Devil's Rain?

Nope... close, but no cigar of horror.

Anonymous said...

Is that Erika Blanc in #1, or Edwige Fenech in #6? Trying to narrow this down, damn this is tough contest!

Mr. Karswell said...

>Is that Erika Blanc in #1, or Edwige Fenech in #6?

Double no. Although you might be in the correct old world country for one of them. Getting warmer...

>damn this is tough contest!

I imagine it is and I apologize. The next contest will be much easier, I promise!

Anonymous said...

Here's my best shot:

2 - Dracula vs. Frankenstein
3 - Three On A Meathook
5 - Salem's Lot


Anonymous said...

A few shots in the dark

1) Night of the Devils

2) Brain of Blood (aka the Oozing Skull among others) or Dracula vs Frankenstein (aka Satan's Bloody Freaks among others)

3) Three On a Meathook

5) Salem's Lot

6) Zombie Flesh Eaters

Mr. Karswell said...

3 On A Meathook was definitely the giveaway answer, everyone has gotten that correct. But only one person so far has answered any of the others correctly.

Everyone keep trying though, less than hour to go!