Friday, March 24, 2023

A Debt to the Devil!

Everyone knows what happens when you owe a debt to that schemin' demon, Ol Scratch, so let's see how todays post plays out from the nether regions of golden age Hell. Originally featured in the July 1951 issue of Journey into Fear #2.


Glowworm said...

This one's fun because the main character isn't on the Devil's soul snatching list, he's just picked Trudy to play a game of "help me get someone else's soul" by being in the right place at the right time (Or would it be the wrong place at the wrong time?) Trudy's done nothing wrong, she's just there to provoke Mr. Smith's wife. Yet we never really do find out exactly what's up with Marilyn aside from her wanting to kill her husband and the devil finally providing her with the excuse she needed to do so. I do love how Trudy misinterprets the Devil's words as him wanting to have an affair with Mrs.Smith. I love panel 5 of page 4. Very fun facial expression on the Devil here.

Mr. Cavin said...

Hah, I like to imagine the earnest young Iger Shop artist, eagerly decorating each page with full moons--in each direction, on every night. That's what I call adding value! Regular orbital reality isn't nearly amped enough for Journey into Fear!

Loving this perky representation of the Devil, too. So plucky! Doesn't get mad, doesn't sweat the small stuff. He really shows off some four-star personnel management, frankly. I'm thinking Ray Walston or Sterling Holloway.

Grant said...

This version of him would've been a good role for the actor Humbert Allen Astredo. His "Devil" type characters on DARK SHADOWS had that same kind of gleeful look.

John Mc said...

Another fun surprising ending here. The art was not so grabbing as the writing was for me. Nice story with pedestrian drawing except the emoting faces of the characters. Thank you Karswell.

Brian Barnes said...

I love how nonchalant the devil is. He's got a plan B, C, D, all the way to triple Z evidently. He just wants the easy button on this one but Trudy is game? No scares! No fire! Whatever! I'll move on to my other plan!

Think if every soul is this way. All the work the guy has to be doing, and all the money he's probably handing out!

Not even that, the unsaid part of the story is Trudy is going to eventually get with Mr. Smith. He actually made a love connection!

I love this one. It's a lot of talking heads and very little action, and the drawing is kind of stilted but the script pulls it through.