Sunday, September 25, 2022

They Got Away!

I've already been finding some really cool, used, vintage Halloween masks as we approach the month of October. The resale shops and antique malls seem to be totally in the spirit, and so am I, of course, so keeping in the aforementioned spirit, here's a fun terror tale starring some masks, as well as the much maligned motorcycle gang. Seriously, is there anyone more clearly doomed in a horror comic book story than the mean, satanic, Silver Age motorcycle gang? Well, maybe the great white game hunter from any comic book era, but whatev, --getcher motors runnin', and head out on the highway, it's time to see what fate has in store for Glenn Danzig and Richard O'Brien leading a cast of cruel characters in, "They Got Away!", (Rated R) from the June 1976 issue of Beyond the Grave #6.


Brian Barnes said...

Sometimes you get the simple horror tale where there's no gray morality, it's just really awful people getting some really awful fate. Nothing is really explained here -- stuff ... happens -- and they all die.

The coloring is kind of weird, it's really bleed out at times, it might be the age of the mag, though, and I'm sure a lot of work had to be put into putting up these scans, so, as always, thanks!

Good stuff here: The masks (I especially like the werewolf one), the ghost/zombie/ghoul at the end (that's a great image), I like the gang that spent a little too much time with the bedazzler.

I love that these guys have a station wagon!

Mr. Cavin said...

Some kind of po-dunk biker gang, has to drive around in a nerdy ass van all the time. Only it's not even a van. More like one of those old-time box trucks businesses used to make house calls in. Like maybe the leader's dad was a locksmith or something.

I like the first panel on page six. Hey, that Chevy Nova is way punker than your D&D van, guys. You look like you're driving a Hot Wheel.

I like how this story is all over the map. It's got a rambling, made-up-as-they-went-along kind of a vibe. The art is spooky and scratchy and photo-referenced. I also like how they all have the same gang costume. When I don't pay attention to their different hairdos, it looks like there's just one guy moving around the frame really fast.

Totally a fun seventies story!

JMR777 said...

On the last page last panel left hand corner is the stylized signature of Enrique Nieto, his style in Charlton is unmistakable.

Its a shame his horror work is overlooked nowadays, his style was perfect for horror.

Grant said...

I don't know whether this was a rushed story, but it's strange that Stennis's wife (as a ghost) doesn't get even for herself and her husband and everyone else.
It's even stranger that the girl with a gun doesn't have anything to do with the ending.

Mr. Karswell said...

One more tale to go for September, then its off to the October races finally! Thanks for the comments... stay tombed for some jolting jungle terror up next!

Nequam said...

I always thought 1976 was getting well into the Bronze Age of comics, me.