Thursday, June 2, 2022

What Was It?

I had this story saved to post on Memorial Day but then we got sort of sidetracked with the Jess Jodloman spotlight. So here it is, a late holiday horror hit from the August - September 1951 issue of Dark Mysteries #2. Some really spooky, atmospheric visuals in this one-- from the panel packed nightmares of war moments, to the eerie chill of foggy cemeteries and candlelit crypts. What. Was. It?!


Unknown said...

Thank you Karswell, I enjoyed this familiar tale. Not exactly sure where. I think many times for different TV series though. The art served the tale well in my opinion.

Brian Barnes said...

So Resurrection Mary is probably the earliest American version of that legend -- and that started in the late 30s so it's obviously a precursor here. The catch is always that something is left with the ghost (the flowers, here) and then discovered on the grave, later, though this version actually puts them in the hands of the corpse, which is a lot more gruesome!

I actually visited Resurrection Cemetery on a Chicago ghost tour. No ghostly occurrences, sadly!

I like the busy war panels!

Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah wow, the simple trick of not coloring the ghostly elements on pages four and five is really effective. Especially considering that so much of the rest of this story is so very colorful. I like the kinetic and breezy line work, too.

I love all comic book panels with cars driving around at night, or with people skulking around a cemetery--so this was a great way to kick off the month!

Grant said...

When I saw those North Korean soldiers, I halfway expected them to shout a lot of political slogans, which would be out of place in a story like this.

In fact, they look almost more scary in a genuine horror story way than the way you might expect. In fact, they look only partially Asian for some reason.

Mr. Karswell said...

We might look at a few more weird war horror tales before the month is out, stay tombed for that-- and thanks for the comments as always!