Monday, May 16, 2022

Horror's Little Acre

Here's another expertly illustrated tale of creeping, cursed terror, especially in the gnarly, 'ol killer tree department! Lots of atmospheric lay-outs and nice detail by Ruben Moreira, though most of the dialog is a bit unintentionally hilarious: ("Those two love birds must be mangled and dead by now!") haha, that line really cracked me up. From the August 1952 issue of Adventures into Darkness #5, plus a spooky little bonus one-pager from the same issue.


Glowworm said...

Yeah, the line uttered by the murderer about the couple being mangled and dead by now was hysterical. I also liked "Who invited you in? Ha! Ha! Ha!" I'm also rather amused that even the Sheriff believes in the curse. Usually the cops are the ones who easily dismiss the supernatural in these stories, but nope, just one look and "No! Look! The curse got him!"

Brian Barnes said...

This is another of the "stacked deck" stories, where the the guy who gets victimized by the vines is as bad as it gets. First, he's a killer. Then, he's going to kill the random couple, who them save him, and then he locks them out with the killer plants.

Just begging to get it. That said, I'm not sure about him dying off panel.

I like the gravestone cracking at the end. I like the art, the killer is big and square, our couple is pretty, etc. The setup is good in the art! I also like that we've got another woman who isn't a shrinking violet (ugh, sorry.)

Mr. Cavin said...

Moreira's gnarly windswept ecology is pretty great, for sure. I love all the florid detail. And even when that detail starts to abstract--those panels in which too much would really be too much--I really like the way he's gone about abstracting it: All the crunched-up little dots of distant shrubbery remind me of Jesse Marsh's Africa.

I like the story, too: You think these honeymooners have the worst luck in the world when their cabin comes stocked with a vicious thug; but it's actually the best thing that could have ever happened. Like winning the lottery. Cause they'd've been dead meat without him. I mean, any crook can hide out in your cabin unexpectedly, natch, but what're the odds you'll get the exact one you need at just the right time?

Grant said...

I know it's something you don't go looking for in a story like this, but I was hoping Mugger Crandall would STAY grateful to Tom and Mayda. The story could've still had the same ending for him, but it would've been interesting.

"Drury's Dream" is a little similar to the famous "Room for one more" story that's been repeated so often.

Mr. Karswell said...

>Yeah, the line uttered by the murderer about the couple being mangled and dead by now was hysterical.

I think it was a combination of the wording and his goofy facial expression, I nearly shot Mountain Dew out my nostrils! lol

>I'm not sure about him dying off panel.

I think that scene worked out just fine in the end.

>Cause they'd've been dead meat without him.

Good point! But we can also wonder if maybe the plants only came to life because of the bad guy's actions? Maybe the innocent couple would've been ok if Mr Dumb Ass hadn't activated the curse with this evil behavior?

>"Drury's Dream" is a little similar to the famous "Room for one more" story

For sure, a neat little chilly theme that gets repackaged a lot in a variety of interesting ways. Thanks for noticing, and thanks to everyone for commenting! :)

Todd said...

What helpful narration by Tom! I wonder if Mayda would've come along if he'd remembered to tell her any of that beforehand.