Thursday, August 27, 2020

Who Called?

THOIA has turned into Vampire Central here in the final stretches of August 2020, and our star artist of the month, Al Eadeh (who we featured in a few great posts last week), comes fluttering back once more from beyond the veil of darkness with another strange terror tale to drain your souls dry! From the December 1953 issue of Uncanny Tales #15, and please pardon the slightly off register coloring which somehow only seems to add to the overall weirdness factor!

And if you're looking for more toothy, blood suckin' weirdness, I recommend the new vampire horror film, Blood Vessel. Set at the end of WW2, a small group of Allied Force members find themselves unfortunately trapped on a nazi freighter at sea with a family of vampires. Fun stuff, especially if you're a fan of Weird War Tales comics --and films with bite!

CLICK HERE for the trailer!


Bill the Butcher said...

Wouldn't have worked in most countries. In Bangladesh and parts of east India, for instance, all cats are called Pussy, pronounced pooshee.

Glowworm said...

This story is so amazingly silly! I love the design for the vampiress and that punchline is hysterical!

Guy Callaway said...

It had me at "AIEEE!".

Brian Barnes said...

As they say on many 70s Marvel comic covers: GOOD LORD, *CHOKE!*

I was trying to figure out the ending and I got it about 4 panels before the end, but I still chuckled. Very funny. The shock twist endings always functioned as pseudo punch lines, and here it's truly a punch line!

Ugh, as you said, the printing, this is probably one of the worst offsets I've seen in a while, but it doesn't distract from the story.

I find the vampire cute, though I don't think picking the pet name "ol' walrus fangs" is going to win her over! I love the cat in the last panel, just "eh, whatever." Very cat like! Eadeh comes up with a great vampire here.

I loved this one, very funny!

Mr. Cavin said...

All the cats freaking out in the corners of the vampire panels are just awesome. Also the vamp's Disney Queen hair horns and adder teeth. Truly bizarre and refreshing. A good joke well told.

Todd said...

Ha ha ha. This one is genuinely funny. It bothers me a little Stefan says, "I won't hurt you," to the cat he's trying to kill.

But the most notable thing about this story for me was the transition from Guy in Green taking Carlo's cat and getting killed. I didn't even notice the caption above it at first, so it looked like he got killed immediately in front of everyone else!

Mr. Karswell said...

Glad you guys are enjoying this one-- and just a quick heads up, there's a feline feast of frightful fun happening over at my other blog as well,