Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Graveyard!

Time once again for another rousing adventure into the highly satisfying realm of the ill-fated great white hunter genre. You've read enough stories here over the years to already know this ain't gonna end well for 'em, so just kick back and let Dick Ayers set 'em up for the wonderfully big take down. Originally featured in the March 1954 issue of Mystery Tales #18.


Todd said...

"Because no one's as clever as us!"

Always fun to see what becomes of people who say that.

Brian Barnes said...

I love this one. Some horror tales don't need anything but a good setup of how much the "victims" in the stories are complete assholes. Once that's done, the fun is watching them get bamboozled into their fate.

The ghost elephant was a pretty cool mechanic that I didn't see coming, and I love the ending caption and the final panel.

Ayers draws some really pretty wildlife and foliage in this one.

Wendy said...

Five stars! ♥

Bill the Butcher said...

I couldn't read this one dispassionately. As someone who loves elephants and hates all kinds of hunting, my only regret is that these two vermin weren't trampled flat like a tube of toothpaste like elephants are so fond of doing to people in their way.

Bill the Butcher said...

@Brian Barnes:

I think it was M R James who wrote a story about hunters - a white man and his Native American guide - in North America who trailed "the biggest moose in the world" into a forbidden valley after wounding him. The guide abandoned the hunter, who insisted on going into the valley, at this point, telling him to call on Great Manitou to save him, if He will. The hunter soon finds himself surrounded by animals, calls on Great Manitou, and gets this response: "You have shed blood in this My valley. I will not save!"