Monday, February 3, 2020

Love from a Gorgon

From one hairy monstrosity tale of lurid love, and right into another-- and this time it's a surprisingly well written Star Publications tale of truly despicable, driveling oral organs from the beyond! Yeah, you read that right, *gag!* --and you'll read all about it again in a few moments. Also note, Disbrow is using the word "gorgon" here as merely a means to accentuate how ugly this creature is, as there is no actual snake-headed, turner to stone in this story. From the Dec. '52 issue of Startling Terror Tales #13, with another super cool, blacklight poster inspiring cover design by L.B. Cole.


Brian Barnes said...

Nogramog has a really simple solution -- she could "cloud men's minds" -- just cloud Ujyra's mind and turn herself into a beauty! Also, she's smart enough to know that cross-species mating isn't going to work and genetic diversity is already finished!

The dog/spine panel had to be one of the more violent panels I've seen in pre-code. Are there more "gross" things? Sure, lots of dripping skeletons and stuff but none of that was super realistic. This seemed a lot more real! A gruesome panel.

Disbrow does a great job. Nogramog is a fun creature, though the script at times calls her cold and slimy and than hot and dripping, within 5 panels of each other! The appearance panel on page 4 and the great sci-fi and floating head panels on the next page are a real treat.

This is an awesome piece of fun. The cover is, obviously, very cool.

Guy Callaway said...

Sorry, but I can't get past the feeling this tale is a covert '50's plea to accept someone loving someone else, regardless of looks or gender?
The fact that Ujyra is single, has a doggo AND wears a cravat struck me right away.
Regardless, that's one determined, drooling, interstellar stalker!

Glowworm said...

I give this comic credit for technically using the term "gorgon" correctly given the fact that it could also be used to describe a hideous woman, rather than a snake haired monster who turned people to stone with her gaze.
I don't know why, but this plot feels like something that would be right at home in an episode of Doctor Who. Maybe because it starts off like a horror movie, but once Nogramog reveals herself and her intentions to the Professor, it becomes more sci-fic.

For some reason,the panel where the invisible Nogramog is petting the cat is rather endearing. Usually animals are afraid of otherworldly visitors. This cat likes her! Perhaps Nogramog should have returned home with the cat instead. I also don't approve of Nogramog's unrequited advances upon the Professor. That's called stalking, Nogramog!

JMR777 said...

I agree with Brian Barnes on this one, if Nogramog was so super intelligent why didn't she realize she had to change her appearance to look appealing to Earth men in order to win their love? If she could disassemble herself to travel through space, why not reassemble herself into another more attractive form?

I know beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone!

Wild romantic find, Karswell, thanks.

JBM said...

Thank you Mr.K. for showing us this incredible cover and once again crazy story. What a string of madness in your post's lately. Insanity reigns. Did these writers need help themselves? I, on the other hand need to proofread better as shown in my last post's comments. Two to too tutu oh well! For me, page five panel three is pure Palaisian putrescence! What enjoyable fun! Thanks! Am I going comic book batty with my exclamation points!?! To keep with the recent musical theme this tale shows that "Love is strange".

Mr. Cavin said...

I have to agree with Glowworm. If one must render oneself invisible and murderously twist up the pesky guard dog, it's very likely one does not actually enjoy enthusiastic consent from the object of one's affection. Cue the Police!

Every step you take / Every move you make / Every blah blah blah / Every dog I break / I'll be watching you

Bill the Butcher said...

Nogramog reversed is Gomargon. Ma Gorgon? Mother Gorgon?

Glowworm said...

Mr. Calvin, I lost it at "Every dog I break/I'll be watching you." Hilarious!

Todd said...

I lost it at "Every blah blah blah."