Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Man in Black

Some people are familiar with the December 1944 issue one-shot of Tally-Ho Comics because of the cool Snowman story inked by Frank Frazetta in one of his earliest comic book gigs. Now what most people are not familiar with though is that there's a real spooky corker of a severed hand ghost story in this issue as well (not illustrated by Frazetta)-- and well, here it is! So sit back by the crackling fire... relax... and try not to focus on the subtle "pat pat" you hear somewhere off in a darkened corner of the room, as tonight's shivery little tale of terror unfolds before you...


JMR777 said...

The faces in this story are wild, not as fantastic as those drawn by Fletcher Hanks in Stardust the Super Wizard, but pretty wild in their own right.

I wonder if the one handed ghost is The Man in black or The Mysterious Stranger, that would explain how the man in black and mysterious stranger know so many unusual stories.

Mestiere said...

A Woman Alone with Her Soul

"A woman is sitting alone in a house. She knows she is alone in the whole world: every other living thing is dead. The doorbell rings."

That was a story by Thomas Bailey Aldrich, published in The Book of Fantasy, 1912. It's the origin of the first story in this tale. And also the inspiration of one of the world's shortest horror stories, Knock, by Fredric Brown.

"The last man on earth sat alone in a room, there was a knock on the door."

It was published in Thrilling Wonder Stories in 1948.

How short can a horror story be?:

_Don't touch that bom...!

_The monster is about to ejacul...!

_Change the baby!

"You can call me Thead!" That's right, the reanimated dead speak with a lisp!

Todd said...

Heh, that was fun.

Mestiere said...

I'm a little disappointed that, confronted with the concept of the short-short horror story, none of you have tried to write your own tiny horror story. Here, let me do a few:

_ "I love you!", screams a voice from under your bed.

_ "Daddy?", says your blind date.

_"You'll die a failure, Kevin, you're pushing fifty and you still disappoint me", says Kevin's mother, naked on his bed.

_"Now my fun begins!", says your surgeon as you lose consciousness.

_Your dead child won't stop staring at you.

Give it a shot, it's fun.


Then there's the massive reveal, after meeting our friend, Thead, that the returned dead speak with a lisp. Think of all the people with lisps in your life. Scary, right?

Riddle me this, who says this?:

"Why tho thurprithed, you guyth? I thaid i'd be back!"

You guessed it! It's the Returned Man himself after the Second Coming!

Brian Barnes said...

I adore the art in this. Amateurish? Sure. But very lively. The faces are very expressive, and the missing backgrounds (normally something I'd not like) make the figures stand out better. The grinning specter at the end is well rendered in shadows.

This is a great example of where style -- and maybe just style because of this person's talent level -- can work as well as technical talent.

I love page 3, panel 4.

The story is fun, especially for 44. You'd see a lot of these in the up coming years, but it had to be pretty original in comics at that point.

JBM said...

I'm late, late, late but it was fun fun fun. The top two panels on page five tipped the reveal for me. Old time radio had it's version of the Fredric Brown story on "Dimension One" and elsewhere. The beginning seemed so familiar and that's why. Thank you Mr. K.