Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Live Man's Funeral

Though I helped a bit on the Bob Powell's Terror collection, ZOMBIES was actually the very first book I personally assembled for Yoe / IDW back in 2012 (still available HERE!) Those of you who own the book may even remember we featured the complete, original, and incredibly terrifying Al Eadeh inked art pages for today's story within said tome, (courtesy of the collection of Bill Leach.) Well, recently, THOIA friend and follower, Kimberly D (a new fan of the Zombies book too) wrote in asking to see the printed color version from the December 1952 issue of Black Cat #41, and I am of course more than happy to oblige! Here ya go, Kim-- and thanks again to Bryan for the scans-- as this is from the one issue of BC that has still continued to haunt 'n elude me!


Mestiere said...

Nice art.

The only reason for a glass coffin would be to not bury it, right? If your intention is to see the guy rot you have to keep the coffin unburied. But if the guy is trapped in the coffin because you want to see him suffer from claustrophobia burying would make no sense since your victim wouldn't be able to see anything and neither would you, just like with a normal coffin.

The glass coffin we saw earlier had a padlock. The one Elias was found in did not. And yet Elias could not escape. Was he hallucinating that he was trapped? Guilt will make you see the damnedest things!

"I wonder what great sin drove him to destroy himself in such a ghastly fashion!"
Interesting that the police thought that Elias Shaban had committed suicide by locking himself up in an occupied coffin. Because the other body in the coffin with him was also fresh. He had been alive until that very night, with catalepsia, when Elias killed him. How do you find two bodies like that and think "suicide"? Did the police think it was a gay suicide pact? The local papers are going to have a field day with this story!

Brian Barnes said...

Very nice, compact story. No real EC ending but just a creepy little yarn.

Al gives each zombie a clean and different look, and the splash has a fun camera angle. I love the work given to each time we see a group of zombies (OK, ghosts, that was always mixed up in pre-code work!) The little parade on page 4 is another great image, and the same for page 5, panel 1.

BTW, page 5, panel 1 is a good class in how to build an interesting panel. The fence on the left and the zombie close-up on the right frame the panel, with the moon in the center and the coffin below it.

The colorist forgot the pajama color between page 5 and 6, though (or maybe some kind of printing issue I don't know about.)

Really a great story.

Mr. Cavin said...

I love the art in this one too. I like the somewhat ornate zombie caricatures of the town folk here: Their procession is a lovingly crafted danse macabre, and puts me in mind of satirical memento mori like José Guadalupe Posada woodcuts or George Romero shoppers. I like how the lovingly contorted forms of the dead people are mirrored in Elias' own tortured postures, bedridden in those swirling sheets as he watches them set his coffin up for him.

Zubair Ahmad said...