Friday, May 11, 2018

The Bleeding Platter

Here we go again with a mad artist tale that'll definitely leave you scratchin' your severed noggin', from the March 1953 issue of The Unseen #9 --and this one certainly begs the ultimate, unanswered, climactic question: "HOW DOES HE DO IT??!!" Oh, note the merged signature on the splash as well, "MIKEROSS" which could only mean the terrific team-up of Mike Esposito and Ross Andru. And finally, today's post is rounded out with a Creepy Scrapbook entry (believe 'em or don't) --plus some Eerie Puzzle fun!

Extraordinary! Mr. Karswell has found a third version of a theme explored in two previous stories here, "The Store at the Cemetery" and "Design for Death"! Makes one wonder if a writer tried selling the same script to different titles... -- Nequam

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Mr. Cavin said...

Excellent catch Nequam, I really enjoyed rereading the other two stories as well. The art is a pretty high bar across the whole "matron of the arts baked into table centerpiece" sub-genre.