Thursday, October 26, 2017

HAUNTED HORROR #30 / Den of Horror

It's hard to believe that HAUNTED HORROR has reached the big #30, and what better way to celebrate than with a hellish new issue just about a week before Halloween to get everyone in the morbid mood! Friend and HH cohort, Tommy "El Diablo" Stanziola stepped up to guest host (the third in our temporary series) and with the hideous help of Mr. Karswell, assembled a truly outstanding issue full of monsters, murder, and top tier maniacal mayhem! Take this brutal ' n bloody Rudy Palais (??) obscurity from the January 1953 issue of Weird Terror #3 for example-- it's sure to leave you screaming and writhing for more!

HAUNTED HORROR #30-- in stores NOW!!!


Diablo666 said...

....not everyone gets the esteemed honor to work, n' plot together, with you, Sir, so it is with great pleasure to stitch together this 30th hellacious issue of HH...I love this story, of bloody beatings for our most horrible host...his hateful treatment of those that MUST deal with his disasterous demeanor, is rewarded with a most rewarding, n' super violent denouement!! ....too bad things don't often work this well in real life.....but we can always hope!....hahahaaa...Kudos to Captain Yoe!, for allowing us to use this ferocious Palais(?) masterpiece!!

Brian Barnes said...

Paging Dr. Wertham: if this is Palais, I like how he gives us a sexy cleavage image of a BEATEN UP woman! Yikes!

If you added a tag for "found object in last panel that proves ghost is real" (like the audience needs convincing of that for these stories!) it would be by far the biggest tag on the site! This one gives us two, plus the bonus out of the blue reveal that everybody was everybody else's ancestors!

I don't know why they had to kill the guy, he's so high strung he just basically chokes a random old lady! I don't think he was long for this world, anyway!

Mr. Cavin said...

Straight-up torture porn. I'm not sure I would have liked this as a movie, but I think the story was perfectly excellent--and could have been even stronger without that last page. The climax was a better, bitterer ending than the rather pat spooky-doo of that final explanation. I mean, isn't the possibility that the ending wasn't actually paranormal even creepier?

"Look, Scoob, the Ancient Horror Den revenge ghosts are really just Mr. and Mrs. Peabody, the castle gardeners, done up in hoods! They must've crashed the party and then tortured Bob to death with this heirloom dungeon crap--for literally no reason whatsoever!"

"Yeah, and we would've gotten away with it, too, it it wasn't for you meddling upper-crust party-goers."

Morbid said...

Lurid is the word that came to mind reading this. I felt dirty and washed my hands and face after. Not that it did anything too outrageous, but it was lurid. I might just watch THE CRIMSON EXECUTIONER tonight. Or maybe THE WHIP AND THE BODY. May as wallow in the luridness of it all. Thanks, Karswell!

JMR777 said...

This story could have been a plot for a Euro-trash horror flick in the 70's. Then again, maybe it was turned into a Euro-trash horror, it has all the markings and makings of one.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Zoinks. Had no clue WHERE those lashings - and his begging to give or do anything - were going to lead! And I wouldn't have been surprised... Nope, not gonna go there.