Monday, August 14, 2017

Weird (Terror) Show!

Found another one! This time Don Heck's bizarre giant beastie from the cover of the January 1953 issue of Weird Terror #3 gets lifted by not one, but TWO 50's spook show ads! Wonder if anyone really got haunted forever by any of this?


Mr. Cavin said...

You're good. At first I found it really hard to see this one in those hairless swipes. For the record I really love the WEIRD show lettering.

Brian Barnes said...

Both of these are great, but the second one strikes my fancy a bit more. It's more stark and less clustered and certainly both the other big elements (skeleton-woman and coffin-woman) are lifted from somewhere.

The hand was obviously sketched in to cover up where the victim was but BOTH posters have it -- one wonders if one lifted it from the other, or both posters were from the same road show/different years.

BTW, because of the thick printing, the woman being attacked by the skeleton looks less scared and more "oh, I like skeletons!"