Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ghostly Guns!

We were bummed to discover that the release date for the HAUNTED LOVE hardcover collection got pushed back into March, especially considering our entire ad hook was based on the idea that it would make a great gift for Valentine's Day today! :( Well anyway, that's the bad news... the good news is we'll just keep rolling along with this gol'durn goofy issue of Strange Fantasy-- and there's one more tale coming up from it next to complete the entire issue here at THOIA!


Mr. Cavin said...

In tone, this is so much like one of Ditko's post-code Charlton comics--a brisk set-'em-up-knock-'em-down concept tale that doesn't do much else to elaborate. Of course, in the post-code, they wouldn't have had any such a thing as a ghost. So some alien vapor of justice would have had to sub in, choosing whatsisface's grandad as a semiotic for communication purposes, but, you know, it's the pictures that count anyway. Pretty nice tight art here, too; I especially likes the disheveled backdrops.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brian Barnes said...

As Mr. Cavin said, this one reads very much as a post-code, or like a young-adventure novel type ghost story.

The ghost bullets leaving a clean trial through the body is a fun touch.

If it really was a "fiery July" in the "salt flats" then locking the couple up in the trailer could have easily been a death sentence!

Guy Callaway said...

As mentioned, this is more like a story from 1962 than '52, but it's a fun little tale. The gangsters are great - "Keep the gas pedal to the floor, Louie! We're hotter than a cheap tommy gun!".

Grant said...

Also "It works - see?"

Who can read that and not hear an Edward G. Robinson imitation?

Mr. Karswell said...

And oddly enough, as safe and post codey this story feels, it was only reprinted one other time by L. Miller and Sons in Zombie #3, 1961.

The final story from this Strange Fantasy issue up next-- and did we save the best for last?
Probably not...