Thursday, December 15, 2016

Nightmare Mansion

Getting back to some hilariously haunted Iger Shop thrills, specifically nightmarish ones in a murder mansion! From the oddball October 1953 issue of Haunted Thrills #3.


Brian Barnes said...

Well, the story has a beginning, and ending, and a middle. Stuff happens. So it counts as a story, at least!

Why the folks at the Iger shop didn't make the vampire/demon/whatever lady sexy I'll never know. Somebody wasn't doing their job properly that week!

I go back and forth with weird panel layout, something you'd see a lot in these types of jobs. Page 4 is an excellent example. Sometimes it's distracting, sometimes it breaks the flow, but it actually works well there, so kudos to the art team.

Mestiere said...

"As a coroner I've seen plenty—but this was special! Not a drop of blood in him!" And yet it turned out not to be vampires.

"It's the cats, sir... there's a spot near my turn, an' 'tis a strange thing, but there's no cat 'twill go e'en near to it... an' 'tis a known fact, sir, that a cat fears naught but the haunted, sir... ghosts..." If you don't see cats somewhere it's because they are afraid of the place because of ghosts. And yet I'm pretty sure that cats are afraid of more things than just ghosts. A lot of things, actually, like dogs, cars, people, etc. Are all those things also haunted?

"What sense does it make walking the beat that is no longer any of your business?" And wearing your uniform after you retired.

If the way to exorcise evil spirits from a haunted house is just to give it a good sweeping, does that mean that other haunted houses are just dirty? The people who lived at Amityville must have been pigs!

"In memorium (sic)
Timothy Brian
died july 19, 1951
in the line of
Courageus, loyal,
and faithful
to his duties
until the

But he was retired. Anyway, the just found him dead holding a broom. How do they know he died in the line of duty?

A somewhat incoherent but still entertaining story.

Mestiere said...

When I try to edit my comment and hit preview I get a Bad Request Error 400 message and when I try to go back it says Confirm Form Resubmission. Is anybody else having the same problem?

glowworm2 said...

I've heard of sweeping people off their feet--but spirits? Do spirits even have feet?

Mr. Cavin said...

So that was awesome; and also a little dazzling in its delirious abandonment of coherence, narrative sense, um, conceptual through-line, you know, and sanity.... In very few pages it totally makes a strong case for the idea that someone took pages at random from several stories and shuffled them up together. Page two is most mind-bending in my own humble o, picked from six psychotropic contenders: Just what the heck is happening in that trapezoidal flashback at the bottom if the page? "For some reason I'm talking about cats, but I'm even more inexplicably dreaming of blowing up a golf course."

Guy Callaway said...

Cats!! I always knew it. F**k 'em.
Really enjoyed this one, though nothing made a lick of sense. Brooms expel evil spirits?..sure, why not.

Rick said...

an ending. it had an ending. git it?

Mr. Karswell said...

Ok, thanks for the hilarious comments, haha... I'll have more from this issue later this week, but first I had to settle a conversation about a vampire story request that we'll see in our next post!

Hang in there, bat boys and ghouls!