Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Three Monkeys

Someone reminded me a few weeks ago via email that I had yet to upload the last of the stories from the April 1953 issue of Adventures into Darkness #9 --click the GCD link to get the other story titles and then just search the THOIA archive! Kind of surprising too, because it's a pretty good looking tale. (FYI: HAUNTED LOVE  fans note, one story from this issue wound up in issue #1.


Glowworm said...

Well, while Jim never saw what was coming, we sure did!

Guy Callaway said...

"Oh, Jim! You promised me you were through with traveling! We were going to make final plans for our wedding!"

"It will have to wait! Now get out!"

Hold on to that one, Gloria, he's a gem!
Any story where someone says "AIEE-EE!" is tops with me.

Mr. Cavin said...

Hey, I get it. Hands and feet, times three monkeys--that's twelve monkey's paws equaling thirty-six wishes! If I were Bradley, I'd start with a tube of aloe vera maybe.

Brian Barnes said...

This story should have ended on page 2, with that riding crop Gloria was carrying rammed through his head! What a dick!

One interesting part of this story is there seems to be no supernatural element; there's no ghosts, there doesn't seem to be a curse (he was caught by mortals), and there's really no reason for him to stay. He's being a little melodramatic with the "doomed, doomed!" speech.

Also, what the heck WAS Jim? A researcher? What? He was interested in the 3 monkeys and immediately forgot about them when he saw jewels!

Gloria really dodged a bullet, didn't she!

Grant said...

Those Atlas-Marvel horror stories (which I know well from reprint comics like "Where Monsters Dwell") have a real thing for intruders into cults like Jim, but they usually make the character twice as bad, like having him kill someone instead of bullying him.
This is a little like the movie "Cult of the Cobra," except that that film has characters you feel more sorry for. Though I can't help feeling bad for Jim too.

Lacey said...

This was one of the most common "horror" stories in the comic book world.
I can think of four other renderings right off the top of my head.

Thank you for all your hard work.