Thursday, February 4, 2016


My latest collection for IDW / Yoe Books, DEVIL TALES is in stores this week (a few weeks earlier than reported too!) Featuring two dozen tales of satanic shenanigans from the 1950's precode comic book era, with art by legendary greats Dick Ayers, Bob Powell, Gene Colan, Lin Streeter, Lou Cameron, Ross Andru, and more! Click HERE to sell your soul by ordering online! And as we've seen over the last month of posts, the tales of demonic evil don't end there as we have an encore presentation of an Iger Shop classic from the March 1953 issue of Journey into Fear #12, --and unlike our previous posts, this tale actually is featured in the new DEVIL TALES collection! After you read it, head over to my other blog HERE for another great tale from the book! HAIL!!!


Brian Barnes said...

I can't comment on the story itself because I'm going to wait for the book :) But I can say congratulations, Karswell, and hopefully many more publishing endeavors to come!

Mr. Karswell said...

Think again, Barnes!!!
(Let me know when that joke starts getting old ;)

Hail to the Snark King!

Mestiere said...
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Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, since this is a golden oldie, and since I'm gonna get the print version in the mail any week now, I think I'll veer from the usual pattern and wait to enjoy this one in print, too. Can't wait! I think the book look super.

Man, I have a whole shelf of these things now! Who knew this was going to happen when I accidentally crossed paths with this blog back in oh-seven or whenever?

Mr. Karswell said...

Trust me, Mr. C-- I'm as surprised as anyone! I supposed it had to come to this at some point though-- glad you stuck with me!

I saw that ep too, Mesterie, hilarious werelizard problems, haha 😊