Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Glistening Death

Well, as some of you have figured out, Haunted Horror #17 is slightly delayed and now coming out NEXT week... no biggy really, and sorry about the confusion. Here's another preview tale from the issue, this one originally appeared in Avon's very cool City of the Living Dead one-shot from 1952, art by Nodel and Alascia. See ya at the comic shop on Wednesday!


Brian Barnes said...

At one point her dress looks a it pseudo-vamperilla.

What would horror stories be like without evil dopes who can't put 2 and 2 together to make monsterous alien space babe? If I get attacked by an amorphous shape my first thought isn't "guy in a mask." Sure, it was a giant amoeba but certainly guy in mask!

Good art, beautiful women, but I think the bright primary colors -- especially the nearly solid purple monster -- distract from the art a bit.

Mestiere said...
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Grant said...

The Vampirella comparison makes a lot of sense.
Even though I hardly know any of them first-hand (except for the covers), she also looks like she belongs in a romance comic. So the way she's drawn would work in either category.

I can't help liking the picture on the last page, where Warren is literally "wallowing" in the gold. He reminds me of Daffy Duck doing the same thing in the great cartoon "Ali Baba Bunny."

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Entertaining story, though a little confused here and there, as someone pointed out.
The monster is one aggressive and powerful beast, why does he/she need to be fed by the old man?
What need has the monster to pay Robert if he is a mental slave, or to eat red meat if what he/she wants is to drain his "human energy", like a psychic vampire?
Is the monster an alien who's paving the way for an invasion? This looks like a "Body Snatcher" story.
Did the monster assimilate the girl, and will now drop that "disguise" to take the much more strong body of Warren? And who cares about Hugo? He's just an unnecessary Igor-type character. Or is he the real alien commander like in "the Rocky Horror"?

The reference to Daffy is really clever. Warren is just as stupid and greedy. I thought of Scrooge but Daffy is better.

Mr. Cavin said...

Lovely thick, chunky ink line on this one. I think the art is occasionally a little pedestrian, but the creature is such a wild showstopper that I assume the lesser elements are just because the artist was a little board. There are some awkward, non-intuitive moments in the panel progression, too. So what? Loved it!