Sunday, November 17, 2013

What's in the West Wing?

Another Ken Landau tale from the June-July 1967 issue of Unknown Worlds #56 (see our last post HERE), and this one is a bit more typical of his detailed art style that most of us are more familiar with from his precode days. It's a fast paced, atmospheric, and predictable little 6-page mystery-- and for those of you who see the end coming from a mile away please reward yourself with a banana.

Also, if you're interested in spooky 1970's girl's comics from the UK, check out my Spellbound '77 post at AEET by clicking HERE!



Mestiere said...

"The Widow Krone", I love it! Had Caton been called Digger Gold or I. Vant Cash it would have been perfect!

That west wing looked like a basement. A locked basement with a raging fire. It's a good thing that Krone was a witch or she might have suffocated. Or at least the smoke would have made things very difficult to see.

Caton should be honored. The other husbands were turned into monkeys, Caton was turned into an ape, since he is the only one without a tail.

How many crimes are combined here? Let's see: polygamy, bestiality, kidnapping, bad taste... anything else?

I liked it.

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, what a beautiful splash page! ...aaand I'm really enjoying this banana. Do you think the strange black-and-stars panel on the last page was an editorial decision, or do you think Landau meant for it to look that way? It seems very out of place to me, but I can't quite imagine what else might have been there in the first place--something at once more natural to this page and this artist, but also at the same time risky enough to have been deemed inappropriate?

Tim Whitcher said...


Karswell said...

I was wondering about that panel too, possibly what he originally illustrated just gave too much away for the final panel "twist?"

Matt St. Cyr said...

Hiya Karswell,

Congrats! You have been nomimhated and awarded the ultra cool Sunshine Award! Huzzah!

Brian Barnes said...

The stars panel is indeed strange, it's like we suddenly morphed into a popeye cartoon.

I enjoyed the spy scope ad, I wonder how many Man from UNCLE shows they had to watch until they stumbled upon a still that made it look like Robert Vaughn was peeping?

Karswell said...


Grant said...

I can't help liking the sort of "honor among thieves" idea of the monkeys trying to warn Caton. After all, they were supposed to be fortune hunters, but they're trying to rescue this newest one.