Monday, July 4, 2022

Love from the Grave

Here's a rare, and rather curious reprint / retitle / redrawn story found inside Scotland's Suspense Magazine #1 from 1952. Aside from the "Jeremy Dufy" signed splash, GCD doesn't really have any other info listed about it, but super sleuthy Mr. Karswell notes that the 10-page story length, as well as the memorable splash and various other bits of art make it easily recognizable as one of Fawcett's 1950's classics, namely, Sheldon Moldoff'sThe Dead Lover Returns, originally featured in the May 1952 issue of World's of Fear #4 (check it out in the THOIA Archive HERE!) But what's actually most curious about this black and white re-do is how or why it even exists at all, considering the other reprint yarns in the same issue are all Dick Ayers' weird western Ghost Rider tales and simply reprinted exactly as they appeared in their original run, (though this time in black and white.) Whatever the reasoning, Dufy's new art is certainly no Moldoff, but to be honest, it's pretty spooky too, and a few of his scratchy, altered panels which change up the perspective / angle, occasionally seem to make things a bit more interesting, oddly enough. Also, the coloring problems of the original version actually make this redo a bit more atmospheric, in my opinion. Compare for yourself-- and everyone have a happy holiday too!

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Phantom of the Disco

THINGS THAT GO AND DO THE BUMP IN THE NIGHT DEPT: Yes, it's Saturday, and if tonight you find that you have the fever for the flavor of something frightening, --then you've hustled on over to the right place! Okay, maybe this post isn't that frightening, but this fun 'n funky attempt by DC at cashing in on a particularly popular, nightclub cultural movement of the time, and in an eerie sort of three-page quickie (aka the July 1980 issue of Ghosts #90), really doesn't seem completely lost, or at all out of place for this comic book / music lover, --and I always appreciate a good polyester pair-up, haha. So come on everybody, --get down tonight!

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Oh, for the Life -of a Wife- of a Werewolf

 If you didn't giggle hard enough at our last post, --and if the smell of burnt hot dog made you completely lose your appetite from the same entry, --let's quickly turn now to the May - June 1954 issue of Bughouse #2 for something a bit more silly and madcap, and maybe even a little macabre in the most moronic manner possible. And Happy Werewolf Wednesday as well!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Case of the Giggling Killer

As we've seen on this blog many times over the years, truth can be more terrifying than fiction, and sometimes the human criminal is much more monstrous than any bloody vampire or werewolf. Take for example the brutally inhuman, true case of the "giggling killer" from the May - June 1948 issue of Exposed #2... it certainly doesn't get much more horrific than this, folks. Nice work from Joe Orlando on pencils though.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Murdered by a Ghost!

Time once again to scream out for an assist with some spooky supernatural shenanigans, and who better to aim that call at than the ever dynamic, Dr. Drew! I guess it's been awhile since we've seen him around these parts, (check the THOIA archive for more!), and this is absolutely one of his more lively "secret file" entries, loaded with both macabre and murderously madcap moments. Just don't be thrown off by the story title now, because (spoiler alert) it is Wednesday after all (hint hint!) From the October 1950 issue of Ranger Comics #55, and featuring the always amazing, Spirited art (get it?) of Jerry Grandenetti. [Also fyi: I actually already posted this story back in 2016 HERE, but it was the not so nicely recolored 80's Eclipse Mr. Monster reprint version and blech-- these things always bug me when I go through my backlog and see 'em, especially considering Melani Mandible is actually a rockin' redhead and not a blonde!]

Sunday, June 19, 2022

His Father's Secret!

THOIA celebrates Father's Day today with an appropriately themed time-travelin' tale o'terror, illustrated by Dick Ayers and Ernie Bache and from the March 1953 issue of Astonishing #23. I have a few other things lined up on our schedule first, but now that I have this eerie issue pulled out, we might take a look at a couple more stories from it later this month too, (no secrets!) --so stay tombed...   

Friday, June 17, 2022

The Frozen Ghost!

Summer temperatures here in the midwest have been brutal for over a week now, so let's cool things down a bit with a creepy chiller (artist unknown) from the October 1949 issue of Captain America's Weird Tales #74. Now don't be thrown off by Cap's name in the series title, this is not a superhero story (though the first 6-page tale in this issue is a Cap vs. Red Skull adventure.) So okay, hands up, how many of you even knew that Cap had his very own, but very short-lived horror anthology series, anyway?