Sunday, October 13, 2019

They Never Return

If I ever get the go-ahead to put together another creepy collection of Haunted Love tales, this ghastly gem of morbid mad science (and even madder rotten romance) from the December 1954 issue of Mysterious Adventures #23, is certainly the perfect match made in Hell. Jay Disbrow occasionally signed his named "Jayson", (see the splash), but you won't find this story in our Monster Invasion collection.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Gravestone for Gratis

A wonderfully creepy, kookball classic from Farrell, and a tale that many of you might recognize from the half dozen or so Eerie Pub reprints and reworking / retitlings as "The Ghoul" in the 60's and 70's. Originally appearing in the Jan - Feb '55 issue of Fantastic Comics #11, and being the last story in the final issue of this very short-lived series, it in fact actually kind of helped end things on a howling high note instead of a sad sax whimper like most brink of code days horror.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


From the terror team that curdled your blood with Haunted Horror, Zombies, Return of the Zombies, Haunted Love, Swamp Monsters, and Mummies, Ghosts is the latest and ghastly greatest in the Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror comics collections. Edited by Mr. Karswell, aka Steve Banes, plus an eerie introduction by comic writer / fan favorite, jolting John Rozum! Over 128 pages of appalling apparitions, formidable phantoms, shuddery seances, shivery spooks 'n specters, and evil wraiths with much more than just revenge on their murdered minds! Just in time for Halloween too!  

CLICK HERE for more information, and go to Amazon to order your copy NOW! And here's a FULL STORY PREVIEW from the collection to get your goosebumps a'jumpin'!

And CLICK HERE to see a story that didn't make the GHOSTS collection, but is still a load of spooky fun none the less!

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Man Who Imagined a Monster!

Though clearly from the golden age of 1950's creepy creatures, this story feels very much like the stuff we'd see regularly a few decades later during the silver age. It's a terrifically tentacled monsterama from the January 1953 issue of Tales of Horror #4, --we liked it so much we put it in Haunted Horror #28 too! Interesting, Ditko-esque art by Ernest Schroeder.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Body Maker

A request for Warren Kremer fills today's post with a gorgeously goofball tale of mad science gone full-blown bat shit crazy cakes. A superbly sexy splash, plus the lovely good girl art mixed throughout with horrific ugliness raise this a notch or two above most precode terror tales. We featured this one in Haunted Horror #29, but it originally appeared in the September 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #39.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Shambler from the Stars!

Time to get October rollin' around here, and to kick the month off proper, we could maybe use a little something different than the usual, preferably something from a true master story teller. Robert Bloch is certainly one of the very scary best, and with some help from Ron Goulart, Jim Starlin, Tom PalmerRoy Thomas, (and of course H. P. Lovecraft) how about a flash forward, Silver Age screamer from the February 1972 freak-out issue of Journey into Mystery #3.

And after you read todays terrifying tale, CLICK HERE to immediately head over to my other blog to see what else I've conjured up from the evil pits of demonical darkness--

Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Invisible Curse

Let's wrap up this month with a wild tale of witchcraft gone terrible wrong, from the Sept. '52 issue of Weird Terror #1. Todays entry takes off from the start like a possessed race horse and seriously just gets more maniacally delirious with each page. A dynamite Don Perlin and Abe Simon story definitely worthy of the multiple Eerie Pub reprint / re-makes in the 70's-- it even found its way down under into the Australian Gredown, Satan's Corpse, one-shot in 1981.