Wednesday, July 11, 2018


HAUNTED HORROR #34 is in stores now! Full of cannibals, murderers, vampires, and more! If you need a couple of creeped-out story examples from this great new issue then please click HERE or HERE or even HERE!

And FYI: THOIA (and AEET) will return shortly, I'll also be posting that long awaited follow-up Dick Ayer's Ghost Rider story we promised here a few months back. Apologies for the delay, but a much needed vacation combined with endless technical difficulties has put blogging a bit low on the priority pole lately. But never fear, we're still here... stay... tombed...

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Death Came Calling / A Web for Her Wedding Dress

Double Feature Day at THOIA with a couple of spooky kooky back-up quickies from the original supernatural 50's Ghost Rider comic series-- our first atmospheric entry comes from the August '52 issue of The Ghost Rider #8, followed by a hairy scary creeper from the May - June '53 issue of The Ghost Rider #12. All awesome artwork by Dick Ayers of course!


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Shadows of Death

As promised, here's another fright-filled fight against creepy, reekin' crime-- from the March 1954 issue of Fight Against Crime #18. The Poe-esque story concept and freaky deeky art by Jon D'Agostino is made only more bizarre by the occasional off-register coloring here which seems to somehow add to the spooky shenanigans! Maybe put on a pair of 3D glasses and see if anything extra eerie happens...

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dead Fish!

As we saw in our last post, the ladies have seriously had it with the men! I can't say I blame them-- we're all idiots!-- and todays post from the November 1953 issue of Fight Against Crime #16 is further validation of this fact. Superb art by Doug Wildey gives this story some extra added bite too, hee hee!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Widow of Death

If you're feeling like THOIA hasn't been particularly vicious enough lately, then feast your eyes on this cat burnin', child killin', multiple meat cleaverin' blows to the head classic from the June - July 1948 issue of Underworld Vol. 1 #3! This story really does prove that 40's-50's crime comics could sometimes be even more horrific than the horror ones, and on top of that-- this tale is based on the TRUE story of Belle Gunness, aka The Lonely Hearts Killer!

(Click HERE after the story to read more about her.)

*Extra big thanks to our good pal, Tommy "El Diablo" Stanziola for hooking us up with this one!

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Bleeding Platter

Here we go again with a mad artist tale that'll definitely leave you scratchin' your severed noggin', from the March 1953 issue of The Unseen #9 --and this one certainly begs the ultimate, unanswered, climactic question: "HOW DOES HE DO IT??!!" Oh, note the merged signature on the splash as well, "MIKEROSS" which could only mean the terrific team-up of Mike Esposito and Ross Andru. And finally, today's post is rounded out with a Creepy Scrapbook entry (believe 'em or don't) --plus some Eerie Puzzle fun!

Extraordinary! Mr. Karswell has found a third version of a theme explored in two previous stories here, "The Store at the Cemetery" and "Design for Death"! Makes one wonder if a writer tried selling the same script to different titles... -- Nequam

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Death in Reflection

Haven't posted anything around here by the great Dick Briefer in awhile, and digging through the Frankenstein files we find a good 'n spooky back-up tale from the February - March 1954 issue of Frankenstein #29, efficiently written and illustrated as only the dynamic Dick could do 'em! I really love stories like this where an unwitting sap just keeps talking to himself and doing things that are slowly but surely sealing his fate, while we the reader just sit back and watch his awesomely predictable demise coming from a mile away...