Friday, July 13, 2012

Dial "Z" for Zombie Contest Winners!

First up, an eerie encore presentation of an Atlas tale we posted way back in Sept 2009, art by Jim Mooney, and from the May '53 issue of Marvel Tales #114‏. 

New posts will resume when I get back from San Diego Con next week. And speaking of SD, don't forget to stop by the IDW booth and say hello to me and Craig, we've got copies of the ZOMBIES book, as well as EXCLUSIVE SD Con ZOMBIES buttons! Rumor has it that Karswell even unearthed a very limited number of THOIA tee-shirts-- so get there ASAP for one while supplies last!

And congratulations to our ZOMBIES Contest winners: Lenny S., Butch Rung, and Mr. C! They scoured the archive and discovered that Drazen's spooky illustration is a re-working of a great panel from "Lighthouse of the Dead" from the May 1954 issue of Web of Evil #14 (originally posted here back in Dec '08.) Gentlemen, please send me your mailing addresses, your books will be mailed next week. Mr. C has the grand honour of winning the original piece of Drazen Kozjan artwork as well! Thanks again to everyone that entered!


99designs is a Scam said...

Congratulation!! Lenny S., Butch Rung, and Mr. C! you guys are amazing!! You did fantastic job.

SpaceLord said...

I don't say this lightly, but:
Most enjoyable story. Absolutely over the top.
I am no Atlas/Marvel fan, but sometimes (in every fiftieth issue or so) they just knock my socks off!

Brian Barnes said...

I have to respectfully disagree with SpaceLord here. While Atlas, with their sheer volume of work could make for some bad tales, it was one of the few publishers that could pull off the more silly concepts (like a zombie phone!) well, and the art was always top-notch.

This story is fun with a fair twist, and the art is great. It does have that one story element you see with a lot of voodoo and witch tales: how a guy/gal stiffs the voodoo priest/witch out of s/her pay. Didn't s/he just send a evil demon and/of zombie to kill your partner? Is it wise to stiff them their pay after that demonstration?

Page 2, panel 7: Awesome!

Trevor M said...

I remember reading Dial Z when you first posted it, and I liked it quite a bit. But that story LIGHTHOUSE OF THE DEAD, from which your contest was drawn, is a fantastic new read for me! It's a Bradburyesque pre-code classic! Thanks for posting.

Mr. Cavin said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks, Karswell (and congratulations to Lenny S. and Butch Rung).

I like this story a lot, and I particularly like the star-spangled telephone,* but it's the cover I love the most. Everett did such an excellent job relating the whole story in that one three-panel image that I'm not sure it was even necessary to include the rest in the book. Not that I'm complaining.

*however, it does seem less like a zombie and more like Sabrina the Teenage Witch might show up if you used that phone prop--but, hey, what do I know about voodoo utilities?

Anonymous said...

Could the zombie phone be turned into the newest smartphone app? (Talk about a killer app)